Minimum Requirements

To sell products at Price Chopper stores, all potential trade partners must have/complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Trade Partner Add & Change Form
  2. Complete IRS Form W-9 (
  3. Provide a copy of Certificate of Insurance
  4. Provide proof of SQF or BRC Safe Food Certifications**
  5. Specific departments have additional minimum requirements:
    • Produce: See Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.
    • Seafood: Participation with Trace Register (product tracking program)
    • Participation with SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership) Capable of EDI for ordering and invoicing
    • Current ingredient and nutrition information (with allergens) to be provided for all products submitted for consideration
    • Deli & Specialty Cheese
    • List of all other major retailers/supermarkets (if any) where you currently sell your products List of UPC codes (if your products have UPC codes) for all items you wish to sell with Price Chopper
  6. Complete a New Item Form for each product to be sold (see New Item Form) (Not required for Floral)
  7. Provide a product sample
    • All products except Bakery & Produce must have a scannable UPC code
    • Bakery & Produce items must still have sample provided, but UPC code is not required unless otherwise noted by Category Manager
  8. Once a Trade Partner is approved, a signed contract/Product Purchase Agreement must be completed between the appropriate Category Manager and the Trade Partner.
  9. Submit all necessary forms and certificates via email or fax to:

These are minimum requirements to be a Price Chopper Trade Partner. Completion of forms does not guarantee Trade Partner status. Each potential Trade Partner and product are evaluated individually.

** Some exceptions may apply