We know you want the best quality for your family, and that value matters to you. That’s why we created our private label – PICS. It’s is a line of products that we’ve specially hand- picked to meet your high standards of quality and value. We are privileged to offer our most loyal customers these new premium products at lower- than-premium prices. It gives you peace of mind knowing that the food you put on the table is delicious and nutritious.

PICS Stuffed Crust Pizza

PICS Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

PICS Breakfast Essentials

Authentic Italian Gelato

Our PICS gelato is imported
from Italy and produced by expert
Italian artisans using traditional
recipes. You’ll notice it has a light
and smooth texture with a deliciously
authentic taste. We use milk instead
of cream and the ingredients are
mixed slowly in order to introduce
less air into the product.

Pita Chips

PICS pita chips are made with 100%
Sunflower Oil, and are Cholesterol
and Trans-Fat Free! Our homemade
tasting pita chips are available in
many delicious flavors including: Sea
Salt, Cinnamon Sugar, and Parmesan,
Garlic & Herb. Enjoy them with PICS
hummus for a perfect snack!

Snack Packs

A delightful snack with just the right
blend of flavor and nutrition. Each
convenient, individual snack-sized
tray contains a delicious assortment
of cheese, fruit and nuts. Available
in 3 varieties: Cheddar Cheese with
Almonds & Cranberries, Pepperjack
Cheese with Honey Roasted Peanuts
& Raisins and Cheddar Cheese with
Cashews & Cranberries. Find them
in the dairy section and enjoy!