Join the Celebration of Food

At Market Bistro, we believe in not just eating food, but in experiencing food to the fullest. We believe that beyond a great selection and variety, you deserve to enjoy “food theatre.” We promise your everyday shopping trip will be enhanced to bring out the foodie in you.

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Chef's Grill

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to restaurants, pretty much everything. We wanted our name to shed light upon our passion for great food and to hint at the philosophy that guides us. A philosophy that revolves around you, our guest, and the richness and quality of your dining experience. That’s why we named our place Chef’s Grill.

At Chef’s Grill, our professional chefs are dedicated to serving only the best, freshest flavors. In fact, it’s their top priority. And with a vast selection of fresh ingredients at their fingertips, many of which are locally sourced, their goal of crafting freshly created cuisine is never far from reach. Our culinary artists aspire to satisfy your palate in ways you won’t expect but surely deserve. Like many chefs, they are proud of the talent they wield and the food they create. But their greatest sense of pride comes from the happiness experienced by you after every memorable meal.

Ben & Bill's Deli

A sandwich from Ben & Bill’s classic New York deli is – much like
New York itself – a test.
It’s messy. And it makes you ask yourself, am I really up to this? If the answer is yes, you’re ready for Ben & Bill’s Deli.
We start with our locally made corned beef and pastrami. No skimping here. We’re talking at least eight ounces per sandwich – twice as much as you’d find anywhere else. And it’s piled so high you’ll probably have trouble opening your mouth wide enough to eat it. But if you can handle that, we’ve got lots of other New York delicacies for you to try as well. Brisket. Chopped liver. Gefilte fish. Lox. All the classics and then some. And they’re all made fresh to order with jaw-dropping portions.
So here’s the test: Can you eat the whole sandwich in a single sitting? There’s only one way to find out. You might pass, you might not. But either way, it’s gonna be delicious.

Italian Market

Of all the joys of Italy, there is nothing so wonderful as its cuisine. And while you could try your best to recreate it yourself, it just wouldn’t be the real thing. Unless, of course, it was.
Introducing Italian Market, your local source for authentic Italian delicacies. Artisanal cheeses and crackers. Olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Jams and preserves. Cookies and candies. Many of which are imported straight from Italy, and they’re all right here, waiting for you.
But that’s just the beginning. At Italian Market, we prepare our own Italian foods as well. From fresh breads, pastas and sausages to antipasti and panini, we’ve got everything the demanding gastronome requires. Everything. And that’s no exaggeration – our massive olive bar has a whopping 40 varieties to choose from.
So come explore all the culinary joys of Italy here at Italian Market. Because when it comes to authentic Italian fare, we’re every hungry Italophile’s second-favorite destination.

The Cooking School @ Market Bistro

The Cooking School at Market Bistro offers a wide variety of classes regardless of your experience. From beginners to experts, kids to adults, we offer something for everyone. Visit the Cooking School website to learn more and view upcoming classes.