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Welcome to the Kosher Store

The Kosher Store is a premier destination for kosher products in the Capital Region.

Find kosher food at the Colonie Price Chopper just outside Albany. Our wide selection
of kosher groceries consistently deliver in quality and taste. 

 your one-stop shop for all of your kosher needs, locally or if traveling between New York City and Montreal.

Kosher offerings include a full-service deli, meat, bakery, fresh fish and freshly-prepared food,
along with a wide-selection of dairy, frozen and grocery foods.

What Does Kosher Mean?

Kosher is the Hebrew word for fit or proper in context with Jewish Dietary law.
These foods are permitted to be eaten or used as ingredients in recipes.

Kosher laws are extensive and provide a set of guidelines for many food categories.

Kosher products will indicate on their packaging whether a product is Kosher and list all the permitted ingredients.

If a product is Kosher for Passover, this would follow all Kosher guidelines in addition to being chametz, meaning not being leavened. (Omitting the grains: wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt)

Our kosher food selection

The Kosher Store is home to the highest quality kosher products. All fresh food preparation and packaging that takes place at the Kosher Store is under the supervision of Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District, with a Mashgiach constantly on the premises while the department is open.

Our Kosher Store implements a full kosher butcher and full kosher cooking into all of its food preparation. You’ll find prepared meals, deli sandwiches, a bagel bakery, smoked fish, and more tasty choices! 

VAAD Hakashruth of the Capital District

All fresh food preparation and packaging under the supervision of VAAD Hakashruth of the Capital District with a Mashgiach on premises during operating hours.


Our full-service deli offers a variety of fresh hand-sliced cuts of quality deli meats and prepared salads, as well as rotisserie chickens, deli platters, and freshly prepared meals.


We carry pas yisroel bagels, breads and rolls. Our dairy baked goods are cholov stam.


Visit our kosher butcher for a selection of fresh meat and poultry. Plus, choose from a variety of fresh and frozen Empire poultry prepackaged product and Meal Mart beef items.

Fresh Fish

We carry fresh fish from premier smokehouses, including lox and nova, sable, sturgeon and whitefish, as well as prepackaged fish.


Shop our vast kosher certified grocery offerings, including large dairy and frozen food departments.


From breakfast and lunch to sides and dinner, let us prepare your Kosher food for your next luncheon, corporate event, holiday gathering or shiva. Call 518-456-9314 (option 8) to place an order.

Location/Contact Us

1892 Central Ave, Colonie, New York (located 2 miles west, off exit 2W of I-87) Phone: 1-800-727-5674 Email: [email protected]


We are a full-service Kosher deli, located in the Colonie Price Chopper – a short drive from downtown Albany. From breakfast and lunch to sides and dinner, let us prepare your Kosher food for your next luncheon, corporate event, holiday gathering or shiva.

Call 518-456-9314 (option 8) to place an order.

(24-48 hour notice recommended, not required)

Popular Kosher Products

Our Colonie store, located just outside Albany, NY has a wide selection of all of the Kosher foods and products you could want. From a full Kosher butcher to prepared meals, deli sandwiches, and more delicious options to choose from.
Make your next shopping trip easier and shop online and pick up in-store, or have your groceries delivered! 

Delicious Kosher Options

Seeking more delicious, convenient kosher options in the Capital Region? Look no further: The Kosher Store at our Colonie Price Chopper marks the end of your search! Offering a full-service deli and catering for your next big event, the Kosher Store is a one-of-a-kind business in our area. In fact, it’s the only location of its kind that you’ll find between Montreal and New York City!

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