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Guacamole Seasoning

Making homemade Guacamole has never been easier! Zesty lime, garlic, cilantro, and jalapeno are blended to mix perfectly with fresh avocados.  Paired with your favorite bag of tortilla chips – a perfect match.

Street Corn Seasoning

This is a must-have for corn-on-the-cob lovers. Simply sprinkle this savory blend of warm spices on top of buttery cooked corn. For authentic Mexican street corn : top grilled corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cotija cheese, a squeeze of lime,
and a sprinkle of this seasoning.

Lemon Pepper Thyme Seasoning

When in doubt, go for our PICS Lemon Pepper Thyme for your fish and chicken meals! A burst of lemony-pepper flavor with a hint of thyme is another great seasoning to add to your collection.

Smoked Butcher’s Blend Seasoning

Just as it sounds – this is a smokey and peppery seasoning that tastes just like cooking outdoors over a wood grill. PICS Smoked Butcher’s Blend is a great way to add the outdoor smokey taste to all your favorite proteins.

Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Seasoning

The perfect blend can make cooking that much easier. There is no need to measure with PICS Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Seasoning. Sometimes a great quality piece of meat needs nothing more than premium salt and coarsely ground pepper.

Salt-Free All Purpose Seasoning

A seasoning without salt? It’s true! The PICS Salt-Free All-Purpose Blend consists of the essentials… perfectly measured to enhance your vegetables, proteins, and oils.

Chicago Pork Blend Seasoning 

The best way to bring out the flavor in pork?
With PICS Chicago Pork Blend, of course! This seasoning brings a savory and smoky taste to your meal to make the most of it.

Spicy Italian Roasted Garlic
Olive Oil Spices

This is a multi-purpose seasoning blend that will quickly become a pantry staple. It adds a spicy, roasted garlicky kick to all meats and plays equally well with legumes and roasted vegetables. Stir into a small bowl of olive oil for an elegant bread or vegetable dip – or mix some into softened butter to use as a compound butter for grilled meats.

Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato
Olive Oil Spices

o Spicy chilies and umami-packed sun-dried tomatoes flavor this versatile seasoning – versatile for both adding into dipping oils… or add it to burger meat to spice it up!

Mediterranean Citrus
Olive Oil Spices

Add some flavor to your dipping oils to bring a tastier experience to your favorite vegetables, seafood, and other proteins! This multipurpose, premium Mediterranean seasoning adds a bright, zesty flavor to just about any dish. It joins all-natural crunchy Hudson Valley salt, dried garlic, black pepper, oregano, coriander, thyme, dried onion, and lemon oil for a combination that will
surely please your palate.

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