Feeding the Soul – a Celebration of Black History and Today’s Black Voices

Good food is our business at Price Chopper & Market 32. We’re taking it in a different direction with our celebration of black history and today’s black voices.  Feeding the soul is about food and so much more. What touches the soul has a heavy and lasting impression, as does the multi-faceted components of blackness. We’re applauding our black teammates, who through their achievement and contributions, make a difference in their front line jobs every day. When they are seen and heard, they shine. Paying homage to black heroes from yesterday and today. Knowing and confronting our past helps us navigate and rejoice in today and beyond. Vibing to gospel, r&b and soul music from inspirational black artists. Music speaks directly to our souls and is a language we all share. Sharing rich cultural recipes that awaken us to different flavors and traditions, and feed the soul. Bringing us all to the table.

Try These Tasty Cultural Recipe From Our Teammates

Support Black-Owned or Founded Brands

Our Teammates Are The Cream of The Crop!

Steven Smalls 

Deli Teammate, Western Lights Price Chopper

“We were dead last in the zone for “Grab and Go” and something had to be done. We designated Steven as our “Grab and Go” Champion and now our sales in that area are up an astonishing 119% – Great job Steven!”


Steven joined PC/M32 in 2010 and currently serves as a Customer Service Teammate and our new “Grab and Go” Champion. Our “Grab and Go” movement for the zone was unsettling – we were dead last in sales (and not by a little). We had a spare case and dedicated it to “Grab and Go”. Then we made the best move EVER and made Steven responsible for it. He was empowered to fill the case with varieties he thought would sell and boy did they! He is also stellar at delivering exceptional shopping experiences to our guests.”

Malik Pitts

Meat Apprentice, Erie Boulevard Price Chopper

“Malik receives a lot of customer compliments – the latest one netted him two FREE LUNCH cards. He is a very valuable member of our store team.”


Malik joined PC/M32 in 2019 as a Seafood Department Clerk.

Customer compliment

“ Price Chopper was offering live lobsters for just $5.77/lb. – can’t beat that price! So I went to Western Lights to get one. That’s where I met Malik. He was wonderful – very polite and very helpful. He picked out a lively one for me. Please give him a gold star and keep him around!”


  • Frank J. – Western Lights Customer

Mourbarak Mahamat  

Meat Department Teammate, Mountain Street Price Chopper

“Moubarak is great with our guests and always has a smile on his face. He is a true asset to our Market 32 store team.”


Moubarak joined PC/M32 in 2018 and currently serves as a Meat Department Teammate. He is always willing to help out when needed and really enjoys picking up extra hours. He always goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to our guests and sets a positive example for his teammates. He really seems to enjoy his job and that is very apparent to everyone he comes in contact with. Thanks for doing such a great job Moubarak – the store wouldn’t be the same without you!

Rosemond Odoom Cann 

Customer Service Teammate, Worcester Fair Price Chopper

“Rosemond has made a big impact in a very short time. She quickly became a favorite of teammates and guests and we are very happy to have her on our Worcester Fair store team..”


Rosemond joined PC/M32 in 2020 and she currently as a Customer Service Teammate on the Front-End. She has an incredible impact on our guests. She is a teammate who is willing to jump in wherever and whenever she is needed. She is also trained on Instacart so she switches over when the Front-End is slow. She is also willing to come in to cover for vacations or just to get extra hours on top of the 30 she already works. She is a quick learner and has become a very valuable member of our Customer Service Team!

Randolph Koffi 

Produce Department Teammate, Torrington Market 32

“Randy always goes above and beyond to show that he is a real team player – and that makes him a role model for our teammates and a favorite of our guests.”


Randy joined PC/M32 in 2018 as a Produce Department Clerk and is now a valued member of our Produce Department Team. Randy has made a big IMPACT on our store team. He works well with the Produce team and is willing to do anything that is asked of him with a smile and a professional attitude. He will always come in and work extra hours when needed and has an infectious smile and laugh which makes him fun to work with! He is helpful – friendly and willing to learn new things.

Melieuse Raymond

Customer Service Teammate, Marlboro Market 32

“Mel has come to work every day despite the pandemic and has made sure to go above and beyond for her teammates and customers every day! We are very lucky to have her on our Marlboro store team.”


Mel joined PC/M32 in 2019 as a Customer Service Teammate and currently serves as a Customer Service Clerk. She always comes into work with a positive “can-do” attitude and is ready and willing to help. Mel is a hard worker – dedicated to her job and knows what is expected of her. She gives it her best every day and always with a smile on her face. She is a favorite of teammates and guests and has set a wonderful example for all of use during these challenging times.


Samantha Sandouk

Customer Service Teammate, Commercial Drive Price Chopper

“Samantha demonstrates the Price Chopper/Market 32 service culture by example every day and her guests and teammates really enjoy her company.”


Samantha joined PC/M32 in 2016 as a cashier on the Front-end. She is one of our customers’ favorite teammates and has received 6 Customer Kudos in the last 30 days with more rolling in all the time! Samantha is always positive and inspires teammates with her winning smile and personality. We are so happy she is on our store team.


Elizabeth Mensah

Customer Service Teammate, Shoppers World Market 32

“Elizabeth has a bright and bubbly personality – nothing ever gets her down. We all enjoy working with her and are very lucky to have her on our store team!”


Elizabeth joined PC/M32 in 2018 and currently serves as a Customer Service and Service Desk teammate. She is always positive and professional. She has been here during the entire pandemic and has not missed a beat. We can always depend on her to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to our guests. Our guests adore her and she sets a wonderful example for her teammates.

Celebrate the History

13th Amendment

Formally abolished slavery in the U.S., declaring that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Loyd Newton

Lloyd Newton

US Air Force Four-star general and first African American Thunderbird pilot.

Janet Faye Collins

Janet Faye Collins

First black prima ballerina to perform with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet.

Benjamin Spencer

Benjamin Spencer

First black dean of the Marshall-Wythe School of Law (the oldest law school in the US), and the College of William and Mary.

Brown v. Board of Education

1954 landmark U.S. Supreme Court case declaring state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional.

Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes

10-year member of the US national gymnastics team. Competed in 3 summer Olympics, notably as a member of the gold-medal winning Magnificent Seven team in 1996. Known as “Awesome Dawesome.”

Gil Scott Heron

American poet, jazz musician and rap pioneer. Considered by many to be the first rapper/MC ever and remembered as “the godfather of rap.”

Julia Britton Hooks

Julia Britton Hooks

The “Angel of Beale Street.” First African American to teach white students at Berea College. Participated in the suffrage movement and helped woman gain the right to vote.