Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs PURINA ONE SMARTBLEND HEALTHY METABOLISM Purina One understands the true nature of cats.  We’ve studied their origins, observed their natural behaviors and evaluated the nutrition of their prey. purinaonehealthymetsalm3 Cats that have been spayed or neutered may have slower metabolism, decreased activity and/or weight gain.  Purina One Smartblend Healthy Metabolosm was created for spayed and neutered cats to help burn fat and maintain healthy weight.  THere are four wet cat food flavors: Sole, Ocean Whitefish, Salmon and White Meat Chicken.  Also available in dry food with real turkey.  Try them TOGETHER today! Look for Purina One Smartblend Healthy Metabolism in the Pet aisle. WISHBONE SALAD DRESSINGS wishbonecheddarbacranch16WishBone Salad Dressing, America’s #1 Brand, is proud to announce three new bold and distinctive flavors in 2013.  WishBone can differentiate itself from competitors and bring news to the Creamy segment.  Salad Dressing can be used on a salad, as a dip, as a marinade or as an ingredient in a recipe. What’s being dipped?  Vegetables, chicken, pizza, crackers, bread, cheese sticks – WishBone Dressings can be used to dip any of these items.  Look for recipes on the WishBone website or create your own recipes. Look for these three new exciting WishBone flavors in the Salad Dressing aisle.