Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday full of love, laughs, and of course, food. If you or someone you love follows a vegan lifestyle, there is no need to worry. We have recipes and ingredients for creating the ideal ThanksVegan dinner!

ThanksVegan Appetizers:

Ranch-Spiced Crispy Chickpeas: These chickpeas are crispy and delicious! Be careful, those who don’t participate in a vegan diet may snag a few!

Hummus-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: With only three ingredients, these tomatoes are sure to be a ThanksVegan hit!

ThanksVegan Entrées

Vegan Veggie Casserole: This filling and nutritious meal is loaded with veggies, spices, breadcrumbs, and a little bit of non dairy butter. 

Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad: PICS Pasta, veggies, spices, and even non dairy butter make for a delicious ThanksVegan meal!

ThanksVegan Desserts:

No-Bake Peanutty Date Bars: This simple, no-bake dessert is quick and easy to make! Your guests will thank you for this one. 

Candy Apples: Who doesn’t love a big candy apple? Add on your favorite candies to make this recipe even better!

Your friends at Price Chopper and Market 32 are wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!