Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs BUCKS COUNTY ICED COFFEE Introducing Bucks County Iced Coffee.  Their signature cold brewed process delivers a bold flavor with a smooth mellow finish – creating the perfect balanced coffee. bucks55icedcoffeesweete Bucks County steeps their high-quality Arabica coffee beans in cold pure filtered water to create the perfect extraction.  The end result is a refreshing Iced Coffee that is perfect for any occasions! You can currently find Bucks County Iced Coffee in the Dairy case in Sweetened and Unsweetened varieties.  Just open an enjoy straight from the container – or add your favorite flavors.  It is the perfect afternoon treat or in place of your morning cup.  A perfect pick me up any time of day, so pick some up today. Delicious, new, ready to drink.  Put a bottle of all natural Bucks County Iced Coffee in your refrigerator today!  Go to their website and tell them your coffee story:  www.buckscountyicedcoffee.com T.G.I.FRIDAY’S DIPS Introducing New T.G.I.Friday’s Dips.  Each Greek Yogurt based variety is Trans Fat FREE and offered in an 11oz. container. T.G.I.Friday’s Dips are infused with favorite T.G.I.Friday’s menu item flavors.  They offer the convenience of enjoying T.G.I.Friday’s flavors at home while dipping into a healthy alternative compared to other store bought dips.  Use T.G.I.Friday’s Dips as spreads on sandwiches or in place of your favorite condiments.  Try the Ultimate Spinach Dip with 3 Cheeses heated and you will discover the best dip you’ve ever tasted! Look for T.G.I.Friday’s Dips in the Dairy case.