International Sushi Day: A Guide to Get On A Roll

Jon Waiksnoris

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What did Sushi A Say to Sushi B? Wasabi!

June 18th is International Sushi Day! We love sushi and we’re proud to offer a modern approach to an age-old art form in our stores. Check out our unique selection of Aburi style sushi, where the fish is partially grilled and partially raw. You’ll also find favorites like the traditional California and Rainbow rolls, or more daring options like Crunchy Dragon and Shrimp Dynamite.

Sushi can be confusing…especially to those who are looking to order or buy it for the first time. Check out this guide of different sushi and sashimi options so you know what you’re getting into.

Nigiri: Nigiri is the original and most traditional style of Sushi rolls. They’ve existed for centuries and they’re probably what you picture when you hear the word “sushi.” Made up of an oval bed of seasoned rice topped with raw fish, seafood, or vegetables.

Maki Roll: Maki Rolls are traditional Japanese rolls prepared by rolling a layer of rice with different varieties of fish or vegetables inside. Wrapped with nori or seaweed on the outside.

Uramaki Roll: Uramaki Rolls are an Americanized-Style Sushi Roll, rolled with nori sheet hidden inside and topped with rice. Examples include, the traditional California Roll, Spider Roll with soft-shell crab, Tempura Roll, and Dragon Roll.

Temaki Roll: Temaki Rolls, also knows as Hand Rolls, are cone-shaped with nori sheet folded like a cone. With sushi rice and a variety of ingredients inside, easily eaten with your hands rather than chopsticks.

Sashimi: Sashimi differs from sushi; in that it is not made up of rice or nori. However, it is usually offered as an option at any sushi restaurant. Sashimi is made up of finely sliced pieces of high-quality sushi-grade raw fish or seafood served with soy sauce.

Sushi Hand Roll: Check out our recipe for a Sushi Hand Roll, aka Temaki Roll. Featuring Market 32 Shrimp, PICS Steamable Cauliflower Rice, an Asian style chopped salad kit, and tasty vegetables. It’s a great option for trying your hand at your own homemade sushi!

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