Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 12, 2018

Starkist New Chicken Creations

Introducing New Chicken Creations pouches from StarKist.  You already love their deliciously seasoned Tuna and Salmon Creations and now you can enjoy their Chicken Creation pouches too! StarKist Chicken Creations are made with premium white chicken raised in the USA.  Since they have already done the cooking and seasoning for you, it is easy to add chicken Starkist Chicken Creationsto any of your favorite meals. Single serve, no drain pouches – Available in four delicious varieties – BOLD Buffalo Style, Chicken Salad, Ginger Soy & Zesty Lemon Pepper.  Just tea, Eat and go! Look for StarKist New Chicken Creations in the Canned Meat/Tuna aisle. Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs PANERA BREAD BAKERY BLENDS COFFEE Introducing Panera Bread Bakery Blends Coffee!  Now you can enjoy the quality ingredients and care you experience in every Panera Bread Café in the comfort of your own home. panera12bakerblendcoffee2 Panera works with responsible growers that use traditional and sustainable methods and produce some of the finest 100% Arabica coffee.  It is Panera’s commitment to handcrafted artisan products and a focus on quality from seed to cup that result in some of the most unique coffees in the world. We’re sure you’ll find your favorite cup – available in Dark Roast, Light Roast, Italian Expresso and Hazelnut Crème. Look for Panera Bread Bakery Blends Coffee in the Coffee aisle. STARKIST TUNA CREATIONS Spice up meal time with StarKist Tuna Creations – an easy way to add flavorful variety to healthy meals!  All four varieties of lightly seasoned tuna come in a convenient single serve pouch and are 110 calories or less. Simply tear open a pouch and pour for a quick and easy meal!  Look for StarKist Tuna Creations on the Canned Meat and Fish aisle.