Think Lifestyle, Not Resolution

Antoni Favata


You hear about it year after year. Creating resolutions to begin a new year with a new you on Jan. 1. For a lot of people these resolutions focus around health and fitness.

However, most people with good intentions who set these realistic goals tend to lose steam and momentum come February.

So, what can we do to ensure our success with these not so lofty goals?

Here are a few tips to keep you on track and on target so you hit your mark and maintain your achievements for years to come.

  • Think Lifestyle, Not Resolution

We often think of these resolutions in terms of extremes. Instead, we should think of these choices as a way of life and incorporate small changes every day. Change your mindset from “all or nothing” to “one day at a time.”

  • Smaller, Manageable Habits

Small habits are not only more attainable, but easier to manage and maintain. Start with easier changes and build on them as they become regular practice. Smaller habits help you stay more motivated, too! Development and success of these smaller habits creates a growing sense of achievement as you get closer to a larger goal.

  • Variety

It’s true, most of us struggle with having a short attention span. And for a lot of people that short attention span affects our fitness routine, which can derail progress. Even the word routine can be daunting for some. Fortunately, these days the Fitness Industry is not short on options. Keep exercise and movement fun by mixing up your routine. Subscribe to something new and exciting. Variety will help keep you on track by providing a new challenge to help keep your mind and body stimulated.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions set intentions instead, focusing on manageable lifestyle changes that will set you on a path to success.