Setting Up Your Fridge with PICS

Welcome to the neighborhood! One of the very first steps of moving is finding the right grocery store for you and your family. You may have heard of Price Chopper and Market 32, but there’s so much to learn, unpack and explore with our stores. Firstly, we offer our very own PICS brand featuring a wide variety of quality items. The convenience of one name offering so many essential products makes filling the fridge easy. Here are some ideas to start you on your way to your best fridge yet!


PICS Eggs: Eggs are a vital part of the refrigerator, often having their own drawer. Our PICS line features a ton of eggcellent choices.

PICS Cheese: Say cheese! PICS is there for any cheesy meal or snack your heart desires. That’s certain to make you smile.

PICS Condiments: Condiments are a key factor in setting up the fridge. Luckily, PICS has it covered.


PICS Water: PICS Water comes in a number of different flavors and enhanced varieties like sparkling water. No matter how you enjoy it, water is a necessity in the fridge.

PICS Milk: Regular or chocolate. Dairy or almond. Our PICS line carries all types of milk.

PICS Juice: PICS also includes all of our favorite juices. We prefer orange juice to get the day started on the right foot.

Fruits and Vegetables:

PICS Vegetables: Make mom proud. Eat your PICS Vegetables.

PICS Fruits: PICS offers easy ways to get your fruit fix. Check out our selection.


PICS Ice Cream: Yes, ice cream belongs in the freezer. But we couldn’t leave you without a sweet treat. Try out PICS Ice Cream for a yummy dessert.

We have a lot to offer at Price Chopper and Market 32, and one of the things we’re most proud of is our PICS brand. We hope you try out the options above and that they help you feel welcomed in our stores. Our PICS brand includes something for everyone so enjoy exploring all of its variety for you and your family!