Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs November 19, 2017


                Introducing Activia Lactose Free, the latest innovation in yogurt! Activia Lactose Free offers a great alternative to those who avoid lactose in their daily diet, but maintains the same great taste and probiotic boost as traditional Activia. 1119_new_items_activia_LF Incorporating probiotics into a daily diet can help maintain gut flora, which greatly benefits one’s overall digestive health.  Do you want to boost your immune system, aid your digestive tract and enjoy yourself in the process?  Let the new and delicious Activia Lactose Free Yogurt help you out! Be sure to stop by the Yogurt aisle to pick up your new favorite snack!  Which flavor will be your favorite:  Vanilla, Black Cherry, Peach or Strawberry???