Creative Ways to Enjoy Potato Chips

Potato chips are the ultimate snack, side dish, and salty treat. These days you can find limitless varieties. Bold, fiery flavors for the adventurous snackers or more tame, original flavors for the classic chip lover. However, we like to take it further. Taking potato chips to new heights with these creative ways to enjoy potato chips.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips: Let’s start with dessert! Chocolate covered potato chips are becoming a new wave, and we suggest you hop on before it passes by. The salty chip compliments the sweet chocolate beautifully, leading to an addicting treat.

Mac N’ Cheese with Potato Chips: Enhance your classic mac n’ cheese with potato chips! The chips add an element of crunch to the dish that makes a delicious recipe even more enticing.  

Snoop Dogg’s Potato Chip Fried Chicken Wings: You probably know Snoop Dogg as a talented rapper, but did you know he is a culinary mastermind? Check out Snoop’s Potato Chips Wings recipe and see for yourself.

Gametime Sliders Topped with Potato Chips: You know that go-to slider recipe you have for gamedays? Add some crushed up potato chips to it. The crunch of the chips adds a big-time boost. And if you don’t have a good slider recipe handy, check out our Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sliders!

Chili and Chips: Last but certainly not least, the next time you sit down for a bowl of chili sprinkle some crushed potato chips on top. Works great in Turkey Chili!

We are just scratching the surface of the endless amounts of ways to incorporate more potato chips into your cooking. But these ideas are some of our favorites! Try them out for yourself or pick up some potato chips for an idea of your own. If nothing else, you can always go with the classic chips on your sandwich strategy.

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