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Happy Game Day! For many people February is the best month for football, great company . . . and tasty food! Take on the Big Game with a delicious assortment of finger foods. Impress your guests with an array of unique recipes that are as tasty as they are easy to make! 

Baked Buffalo Cheese Sticks. Enjoy game day with a classic finger food appetizer! Cheese sticks are an easy and delicious option fit for many guests! Not only are they incredibly cheesy, but they’re wonderfully spicy. Mix and match hot sauces to your preference and don’t be afraid to have fun with new flavors. The spicier the better! 

Cauliflower-Chicken Alfredo Dip. No game day is complete without some sort of veggie dip! In fifteen minutes, you can have an easy made dip that tastes delicious. Elevate traditional game day dips with a cauliflower-chicken alfredo dip! Pair your chicken dip with veggies, breads or cured meats for a delicious burst of flavor. 

Cannoli Dip. To every savory dip you always need a sweet dip! Impress your guests with a cannoli dip that takes no longer than ten minutes to whip up. Delicious with graham crackers or a cannoli chip, this sweet treat will become a fan favorite during game-night! 

Gourmet White Mac and Cheese. Finger foods are fun and simple, but an easy entree is filling and delicious. Treat your guests to a creamy white mac and cheese topped with flaky panko breadcrumbs. This dish is easy to make in large quantities and is a crowd favorite! Prepare this dish in under twenty-five minutes and serve with ease!

There you have it, four recipes that taste delicious and take minimal effort to prepare and bake; take on Game-Day with ease! Shop Price Chopper/Market 32 for delicious meals for any occasion.  


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Hooray for National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day! We are going nuts over this delicious combination that is a favorite for so many people. At Price Chopper & Market 32, we have a wide selection of peanut butter, jelly, jam, and fresh bread. Be sure to take a look at the end of this article!

Do you really know your peanut butter and jelly? Don’t miss out on these fun facts!

  1. The peanut butter & jelly combination is nothing new. The first of these sandwiches appeared 122 years ago in a cooking magazine.
  2. The average American will eat 15,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before graduating high school. That is kind of a lot!
  3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are ranked #9 of the top 15 sandwiches Americans love.

Love peanut butter and jelly? So do we! That’s why we’re sharing our favorite recipes below for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Whether you prefer chunky or smooth, grape or strawberry jelly, we’ve got something for everyone. Explore new flavor combinations and impress your taste buds with our easy-to-follow recipes.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Breakfast Tart: This freshly baked peanut butter & jelly breakfast in the morning will put a smile on everyone’s face! The best part? It is quick, simple, and only requires a handful of ingredients! 

PB & J Stuffed French Toast: Remember when we noted that peanut butter & jelly has evolved? This is the perfect example! This takes the classic French Toast to a whole new level!


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How can one resist a delicious, crunchy bowl of cereal with freshly chilled milk? Cereal is so wonderful that it has been given its own day – March 7th! Although, everyday could be National Cereal Day in the United States, considering we are listed fourth in the world with cereal consumption! An average of 160 bowls of cereal are consumed per person in the United States each year, and 50% of Americans will start their day off with a bowl of cereal. I guess it is safe to say that cereal is a household favorite!

Here at Price Chopper and Market 32, we love cereal just as much as our customers! Did you know that we have a whole line of PICS brand cereals? That is right – we have a large variety of delicious PICS cereal as well as PICS milk and dairy-free milk that you must try! Click on the green button at the end of this blog to view all of our PICS cereal.

Cereal can be used for so much more than just your morning breakfast. Cereal has become a very popular snack on its own or mixed in with yogurt. Additionally, there are many recipes that call for cereal as an ingredient. Check out the recipes below that are not only fun and easy to make, but delicious, too!

Crispy Honey Baked Salmon with Almond-Fennel Salad: PICS Honey Nut Toasted Oats cereal as crumbs? Bet you have never thought of that before! This salmon recipe is irresistibly mouth-watering and flavorful, with a little bit of crunch of course! 

Lucky Charms Frozen Yogurt Pie: Creamy vanilla frozen yogurt with cereal as the base. Now that is a fun dessert idea! The best part is, this recipe only calls for five items!

Savory Rosemary Snack Mix: This is a must for your next gathering! Be cautious though, this recipe is so good that you may not have any leftovers for yourself!


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What seemed like a mild winter has turned into many inches of snow…all at once. It’s times like these where we don’t feel like budging, and we just cannot seem to get warm no matter what! At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have some delicious ways for you to get warm! Take a look below at some of our warm beverages.

Hot chocolate:

Warm chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream hit the spot! Some of our hot chocolate options include:

  • PICS Hot Cocoa Single Serve Cup
  • PICS Hot Chocolate Packets with Marshmallows
  • PICS Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Packets  
  • PICS Hot Cocoa Mix

Recipe Alert! Mexican Hot Chocolate

Not feeling the traditional hot chocolate today? We understand. Try out this delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate made with PICS whole milk, cinnamon, cayenne peppers, and chocolate morsels. 


There are so many ways to make tea to your liking. Try adding in PICS honey, PICS sugar packets, or even a splash of PICS milk! Some of our flavors include:

  • PICS Chai Tea K-Cups 
  • PICS Black Tea Bags 
  • PICS Decaffeinated Black Tea Bags 
  • PICS Green Tea Bags 
  • PICS Decaffeinated Green Tea Bags

Recipe Alert! Warm Berry, Tea, & Cider Punch


If we listed out all of our PICS coffee, the entire page would be filled! Here are just a few of our coffee options:

  • PICS Ground French Vanilla Light Roast Coffee
  • PICS House Blend Medium Roast Single Serve Cup Coffee
  • PICS French Vanilla Cappuccino Single Serve Cup 
  • PICS 100% Colombian Ground Coffee
  • PICS Half Caffeine Medium Roast Single Serve Cup Coffee

Recipe Alert! Viennese Coffee | LavAzza

Remember – Warm weather is coming, but for now, a cup of Joe will have to suffice!

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E-Commerce Marketing Department

Did you know that approximately 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are consumed in America each year? Now that is a lot of cereal! Cereal is a big staple in many households, and our PICS Cereal is Fair to Compare to national brand favorites! At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have a wide variety of PICS cereal and PICS oatmeal that are perfect for breakfast time or a snack throughout the day. Be sure to check out all of our own brand cereals at the bottom of this article.

PICS Honey Nut Toasted Oats: This crunchy, whole grain cereal has a hint of sweetness that makes for a delicious bowl of cereal. 

PICS Cocoa Crunchies: A spoonful of chocolate crunchy cereal to start your day? Oh yes! This is sure to be a favorite in your household.

PICS Frosted Shredded Wheat: Our PICS Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal is sweet and delicious to power you through your morning!

PICS Maple & Sugar Instant Oatmeal: Start your morning with a warm bowl of PICS oatmeal! Try adding in berries, raisins, or PICS peanut butter.

PICS Active Start: Give yourself a boost in the morning by having a bowl of PICS Active Start Cereal with PICS milk. Another alternative is to sprinkle this cereal in PICS Vanilla or Plain yogurt.

PICS Extra Raisin Bran: If you enjoy raisins in your cereal, then this is the option for you! Our PICS Extra Raisin Bran cereal contains 40% raisins! 

When it comes to quality and value, our line of PICS cereals shine bright against the national brands.

Make our cereal a staple at your house today!


What is in Your CANtry? Five Fabulous Recipes Starring PICS Canned Foods!

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

Canned foods have flown off the shelves lately as folks prepare to cook more at home over the next few weeks. Canning was a transformative food preservation advance, a process invented in the late 1700s, in response to a call from Napoleon Bonaparte, who was looking for a way to safely store and transport food to feed his army. It was perfected in the early 1800s, with the first commercial canneries starting up in England and America in 1812 and 1813, respectively. Ironically, the can opener was not invented until 1858! Though it was clear heat was key to the process, it was not understood why until Louis Pasteur demonstrated the presence of microorganisms and the temperatures that killed them in the late 1800s. Foods lose nutrients, quality and appeal as time passes, canning was a game changer for home cooks and commercial food service, and remains a great way to create recipes that are delicious and convenient.

The benefits of canned foods are many – fruits and vegetables are usually canned within a few hours of harvesting, capturing their nutrients and flavor right at the peak, and preserving them for a minimum of about two years, sometimes longer. Most canned items are single ingredient, no other additives necessary to maintain flavor, color and texture. Canned foods are budget and time-friendly, prepped and ready to use. Cans are also one of the most recyclable containers – made of 100% recyclable steel, important to sustainability efforts.* Finally, adults and children who regularly eat canned foods have a better intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber than those that do not.

PICS canned fruits, vegetables, tuna, chicken, beans and soups are top quality – you will love exploring the wide variety and flavors. Check these great recipes out – we are powering up the protein and produce content with a focus on canned beans. Beans are a rising star as families become focused on eating more plant-based and plant-forward foods. Let kids add the beans and some of the ingredients while you supervise – they love eating what they help preparing, and it is a positive way to connect them to food skills. Combining beans and other proteins is a budget-smart way to add benefits and a fresh twist to old favorites.  Better meals are in the can!

Cowboy Caviar – A versatile recipe that comes together in just a few minutes! Dress it up with chopped mango or canned pineapple, use it as a dip, a side or a salsa on fish or chicken – delish!

For more canned food recipe ideas check out…

Hearty Healthy Turkey Chili

Pasta Fagioli

Pork Navy Bean Soup

Zoodle Chickpea Avocado Salad


*Ref. Canned Food Alliance

Have you tried our new Everything Bagel spice blend? We’re putting it on everything. There are tons of ways to enjoy it, so we decided to put together a few of our favorites for you to try out for yourself! Here’s a baker’s dozen.

Rub it on Roast Meat: Everything bagel seasoning makes for a tasty rub: Try it on roast meat or roasted chicken. When you’re preparing the meat, add in some of our seasoning, using butter or olive oil to spread it around. Cook it up and enjoy!

Use it on Fried Eggs: Looking for a way to bring some flavor to your morning eggs? Everything bagel seasoning is the answer! While the egg is frying on the pan simply sprinkle some seasoning on top for the perfect added flavor.

Season Roasting Vegetables: Roasting some vegetables as a side dish with dinner? Sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning along with some oil, just the thing to add that little something to your greens.

Maximize Mac n Cheese: Before you add the top layer of cheese, add in some everything bagel seasoning in to take it up a notch.

Put it on Pizza: We all know that oregano is a classic seasoning for pizza, but you don’t have to stop there. Add some everything bagel seasoning to the top, or mix it in the crust if you’re making it from scratch.

Make an Olive Oil Dressing: If you’re making your own salad dressing and are low on ingredients, you can make a quick and easy dressing with everything bagel seasoning and some extra virgin olive oil! Taste the dressing as you’re making it to get the proportions are just right.

Add to Pancakes: Everything bagel seasoning on a pancake can taste similar to a bagel, but pancakes are easier to make on your own, and less time consuming. We’re digging this one on the weekends.

Toss in Trail Mix: Trail Mix is a great snack, but everything bagel seasoning is a nice way to make it more exciting. An extra savory boost to your mix!

Bloody Mary: Everyone loves a good Bloody Mary. Instead of putting salt on the rim of your glass, try everything bagel seasoning. It’s a great way to add some flavor to your drink.

Sprinkle on Salad: Our PICS Everything Bagel spice blend is an excellent enhancer to your favorite salad. Sprinkle it on top and reap the flavorful benefits.

Avocado Toast: Avocado toast is already a hit. Imagine elevating that flavor even more with some everything bagel seasoning. Yum!

Season Your Fries: Rather than reaching for the salt, try something new on your fries. Our seasoning is a game changer here!

Use it on Popcorn: Put your popcorn in a paper bag and add it in our seasoning. Shake it up and serve while it’s still hot!

These are just a handful of the endless amount of ways to get creative with Everything Bagel Seasoning. Stop in to your local store and pick up some of our NEW PICS Everything Bagel spice blend and start experimenting!

Hot sauce junkies, heat connoisseurs and spiciness fanatics: We’re comin’ in hot with our next monthly feature!

Each month we’re bringing you fresh stories on a different sauce brand, sharing some flavor insights, stories behind the brands and more. Travel with us on an adventure consisting of varying degrees of heat each month!

September’s Feature: PICS Hot Sauce!

Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate yourself. That’s why this month’s feature is our very own PICS Hot Sauce. Made with red cayenne peppers, it packs just the right punch and compliments a wide variety of foods. Try it folded into your scrambled eggs, spice up your pulled pork, or add a kick to any of your personal favorite hot sauce incorporated meals.

Our PICS brand was created to meet the highest standards in quality and value. We know quality matters to you and your family, especially when it comes to food, and these various handpicked options are guaranteed to meet those standards. We appreciate our loyal customers, and it’s very rewarding to provide them with an affordable line they can trust. Plus, we are happy knowing we are putting delicious and nutritious options on your table.

Turn up the heat with PICS this month, and tune in next month for our October Hot Sauce of the Month!

February 10, 2019
PICS Kettle Popcorn
Have you seen our new PICS Kettle Corn?   The four varieties are lightly sweetened and salted to perfection.
Honey BBQ Flavor – Wow! That sweet-sweet irresistible taste of honey combined with that savory blend of BBQ. Go ahead and snuggle up on the couch with that special someone; the aromatic smell and succulent taste of honey & BBQ is delightful and enchanting; This flavor will definitely ”bee” a home-run during home movie date night; every golden fluffed kernel is bursting with the sweetness of Honey and the sharpness of Barbecue  – gluten free, who needs a grill!
Spicy Jalapeno – Whoa! The Spice is Right!  This flavor is designed to leave an everlasting thrill to your palate.  With just the right amount of heat and hint of sugar added to those fluffy, golden popped whole grain kernels, this flavor will definitely impact spicy lovers around the world. 0 trans-fat; the heat is on!
Apple Pie – Mmmm! This flavor will make you feel like you’re back home at grandma’s house; a perfect blend of apple seasoning sprinkled across each pleasantly crisp popped kernel; definitely a taste of home; once you munch down on these crunchy, premium quality, pure, superior, nut free flavored pops you will fall madly in love and live apple-y ever after!
Sweet & Salty – Oh My Goodness! A little bit of sweet mixed with a lil’ bit of salt; what a perfect kettle corn combination; this blend is definitely quintessential – why ask for anything more!  The sugary coated sweetness creates an excessively sentimental meld to this popcorn; the crispness of these popped kernels coupled with sea salt makes this kettle corn exemplary! Low carbs, low calorie, go ahead and grab them handful!
All four are absolutely worth a try – each of the tasty flavors will add a pop to your day!


New Items Delivered

We’ve partnered with Instacart to offer you the convenience of grocery delivery. Instacart’s network of personal shoppers will grocery shop for you and deliver your order directly to your doorstep so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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We’ve partnered with Instacart to offer you the convenience of grocery delivery. Instacart’s network of personal shoppers will grocery shop for you and deliver your order directly to your doorstep so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Raise a Glass to Dairy Month!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist


June 1st is a holiday for our dairy farmers – it is World Milk Day, and kicks off the annual celebration of Dairy Month and all that dairy brings us! Full of flavor and nutrients, packed with protein, familiar and affordable, wholesome dairy brings richness to so many foods. Across the Northeast, dairy is considered a unique “natural resource”, which supports healthy people, healthy communities and a substantial and sustainable positive impact on local economies. We use milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese to bake, batch, sip, and savor our way through delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Welcome to Dairy Month, an annual national celebration of all that dairy brings us. There would be no dairy without dairy farming, which encompasses time-honored heritage and forward-thinking scholarship – this industry keeps innovating, and is full of hard working, passionate people that ensure animals have the best care, and milk is the highest quality. About 97% of dairy farms are family-owned, generation after generation that have moved the industry forward and treat animals, land and the future with reverence and respect. Dairy also delivers crucial nutrients – milk, yogurt and cheese contribute 51% of calcium and 58% of Vitamin D for just 10% of the calories in the overall American diet. The Great American Milk Drive also kicks off in our stores today – with a $1 or $5 donation at the register, you can join in and get milk to children and families that are less food secure. Check out our Facebook Live visit with our friends at Ivey Lakes Dairy in Stanley, NY, follow the blog, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram learn more about how fresh, nourishing dairy foods make their way from the farm to your table, and the delicious ways you can enjoy them. In case you couldn’t tell, we love dairy – Price Chopper and Market 32 are highlighting dairy and dairy case items all month – you will love the selection and the savings. Celebrate with us!