10 Heatseeking Ways to Use Hot Sauce

January 22nd is one of our favorite days of the year: National Hot Sauce Day! In celebration, we’re letting you in on ten of the best, most unique ways to enjoy hot sauce. Hot sauce is extremely versatile and there are endless ways to add some spice to what you eat.

Make it a goal to try all ten of these at least once in 2020!

  1. Stir it into Soup: It’s wintertime and temperatures here in the Northeast are currently freezing. Foods to warm up with are a necessity. Stir some hot sauce into your soup for a kick of heat and flavor and make your winter blues disappear! This works best with chili, tortilla soup, black bean soup, or any Mexican or Asian-style soup.

  1. Make Mexican Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is another popular way to warm up during the winter. Turn it into Mexican Hot Chocolate by simply adding a dash of hot sauce! Cayenne pepper hot sauce is the way to go here as it mixes well with the chocolate taste and creates a delicious blend.
  1. Heat Up Hollandaise: We love a breakfast with hollandaise sauce. Mix in some hot sauce to give your Eggs Benedict that extra boost!
  1. Create Salad Dressing: There are a few creative ways to incorporate hot sauce in salad dressing. Our favorites are either whisking some sauce into vinaigrette or mixing it with ketchup and mayo for yummy Thousand Island dressing.
  1. Boost a Burger: Hot sauce fits very well on this American classic. Simply mix some Sriracha into your ketchup and your burger is brought to a whole new level!
Peppers on display at Market 32
  1. Get Brining: Brining is fantastic for adding flavor to meats. Spice up your chicken or turkey with a mixture of a gallon of water, a ½ cup of kosher salt, and 4.5 tablespoons of Tabasco Sauce. Let it sit for 8 hours before throwing it in the oven. The result will be an intense, well-rounded flavor.
  1. Add a Dash to Ribs: The smoky aroma of good, tender ribs is excellent for mixing with hot sauce. The heat and smokiness come together as one for an intensely-flavored rack of ribs.
  1. Serve a Spicy Bloody Mary: We recommend using Sriracha for the best drinkability and enjoyment out of your enhanced Bloody Mary. It brings a strong pepper flavor, and hits with the perfect amount of spice.
  1. Make Popcorn Pop: Add a few drops in melted butter and douse onto your popcorn. It makes a great snack for movie night!
  1. Whip Up Some Homemade Wing Sauce: Experiment with your favorite sauce and create your own homemade wing sauce. Exploring different varieties and combinations to see what you like best is always fun. We recommend giving PICS Hot Sauce a try!
PICS Hot Sauce with chicken wings


There are tons of ways to spice up your dishes with hot sauce: These are just some heat-seeking suggestions. Get adventurous and try some new things out for yourself, starting with the options on this list. Visit your local store to pick up a bottle of PICS Hot Sauce to get you started!


Happy Hot Saucin’!

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