home.grown. Farm Feature: Paul Mazza's Fresh Produce

Jack Marquette

Marketing Intern

The Operation

Paul Mazza owns over 250 acres of farmland in Essex, Jerico, Williston, and Colchester. After visiting only the Essex and Colchester locations, we could tell each acre was used with purpose of growing some of the freshest produce in Vermont. An operation like this takes a group of employees who love to work for Mazza’s Fresh Produce and provide for their families in the snow seasons. Using busses, they can easily transport them around the farms. This operation leaves Paul working long days and is a reason why his Fruit and Vegetable Farmstand in Essex is so trusted.

Community Connection

We visited the Essex Farmstand location on a Wednesday afternoon and still there were cars consistently pulling in and purchasing the fresh produce from the stand. The community relies on trusts and respects Mazza’s stand and his work for delivering great produce. Their website, paulmazzas.com, displays that their mission statement has not changed. For 38 years they still want to “connect our community with fresh local foods.” Their website provides information on most services covered in this blog, but with much more detail. We encourage you to check out their website to learn more.


Even with the massive success of the stand, Mazza still says the people’s favorite is the “Pick-Your-Own”. You have the availability of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and apples. They encourage everyone to make memories along with collecting fresh produce at a great price. More information can be found on their website.


Paul Mazza offers many options to his loyal local customers. Whether it is his Fruit and Vegetable Farmstand in Essex, the popular Pick-Your-Own, or the hard work that goes in behind the scenes, there is a reason the community trusts the farm. Building through a community is something Paul Mazza and Price Chopper both take pride in and is one of the many reasons why he still provides fresh produce in our stores today.