Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


In need of the perfect side dish or a unique twist on your everyday pasta?  Then try the new Hidden Valley Pasta Salad mixes.  They are super easy to make and loaded with delicious herbs and spices.  Get creative and add your own touches such as grilled chicken, cheddar cheese or fresh chopped veggies to make this more like a meal than a side dish. Try all of the three varieties:  Southwest Ranch, zesty Homestyle Italian and savory Original Ranch.  Bring the taste of the Original Ranch from the valley to your table. A delicious addition to salads, veggies and even meats.  Hidden Valley made it first.  Hidden Valley made it right. Look for Hidden Valley Pasta Salad Mixes in the Boxed Prepared section.


HO_SnackCrk_Cheddar_275x414-194x293Kids love snacks, but moms and dads are looking for more products made with simple, delicious and responsibly produced ingredients!  Introducing new Horizon Snack Crackers and Grahams. The good news is that Horizon snacks have a touch of Real Fruit and Veggies baked inside.  The Snack Grahams are baked with a touch of real Pear and Sweet Potatoes and contain 8g Whole Grains per serving.  The Snack Crackers are baked with a touch of real carrots and real Horizon Organic Cheese. Kids snack on average three times per day.  Snacks account for more than 27% of children’s caloric intake so why not make it something that is good for them? Look for Horizon 70% Organic Cheddar Snack Crackers, 70% Organic Original Snack Crackers, 70 % Organic Honey Snack Grahams and 70% Organic Chocolate Snack Grahams in the Natural aisle.