It’s Paczki Time!

Want to hear something sweet? Paczki are back! We love these Polish treats and they’re one of our main sources of happiness following the holiday season, after we’ve taken our decorations down. Paczki are polish donuts that date all the way back to the 16th century. Back then they were filled with pork fat, but have since evolved into tasty pastries filled with a variety of yummy flavors. 

In Poland, some bakers fill Paczki with an almond paste rather than the typical marmalade, and it is said that the person who eats one of these will have good luck for the coming year! On the other hand, the Polish believe a year without having eaten a Paczki donut is bad luck and will leave you unsuccessful in life.

We’ve been offering Paczki of our own for over 20 years and love offering this traditional treat to our customers each year. This year we’re back with a fresh lineup of flavors, including NEW Lemon Raspberry, which was submitted by a Facebook user from Glenville NY and voted Fan Favorite on our Facebook page earlier this year! We’re also introducing Caramel Apple and Chips Ahoy! flavors, and bringing back favorites like Crème Filled Powdered Sugar and Cookies ‘N Crème Filled.

Stop by your local store to pick up mix & match Paczki 4 packs, buy one get one free this week with AdvantEdge Card! We cherish the opportunity to have a part in this long-valued tradition and we hope you love these sweet pastries as much as we do.

Happy Paczki Season!