Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 30, 2018 Contrary to popular belief, not all cranberries are red.  Every year, Mother Nature turns some of our cranberries a beautiful blushing pink!  NEW Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks blend the full spectrum of Mother Nature’s cranberry colors for a lighter, crisper more refreshing taste. Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice Cocktail is made with real fruit juice, contains no artificial flavor or preservatives, and is an excellent sour Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry ce of antioxidant Vitamin C. If you’re looking for a lower calorie count, try NEW Ocean Spray Pink Lite Cranberry Juice Beverage.  It has all the benefits of Pink Cranberry Juice Cocktail’s light and refreshing taste with only 5 calories per serving. In addition to great taste, Ocean Spray is partnering with National Breast Cancer Foundation to support a great cause.  5% of Ocean Spray’s sales of these products in the United States and Canada will be donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation, up to $250.000. Look for Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice Cocktail and Pink Lite Cranberry Juice in the Shelf Stable Juice aisle.