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What is a Sloppy Joe, and why was this sandwich given this name? Since today is National Sloppy Joe Day, it is only right that we answer your burning Sloppy Joe questions! 

Sloppy Joes are a very popular, messy sandwich! Not only do they taste delicious, but the ingredients are generally inexpensive. Traditionally, the Sloppy Joe is made with ground beef, onions, garlic, bell pepper, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce or ketchup, and seasoning on a hamburger bun or roll. What a combo! Of course, there is no right or wrong way to make this sandwich. Some people have substituted beef for chicken, or a plant-based meat.

Now that we know what the sandwich consists of, why in the world is the name Sloppy Joe? Believe it or not, there are different stories on how the Sloppy Joe got its name. The first story takes place in Havana, Cuba. José García was the bar owner, and served ropa vieja to his customers. This is a type of Cuban-style pork. His customers would often joke with García that his restaurant was “sloppy,” hence the name Sloppy Joe’s.

The second tale originated in 1930 from Sioux City, Iowa. The story goes that a cook named Joe who worked in a popular restaurant would make sandwiches by dousing loose-ended meat with tomato sauce. Many believe this is how the name Sloppy Joe was born.

Which story is true? Well, that is up for you to decide. Either way, the Sloppy Joe we know and love is a delicious, warm, and filling meal. Stop by your local Price Chopper and Market 32 for the finest ingredients to make your next Sloppy Joe, or visit our website!