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Crunchy French bread dipped in Olive Oil is a pairing like no other. Since National French Bread Day was this week, we wanted to draw attention to this delicious duo, but also highlight the benefits of olive oil. At Price Chopper and Market 32, we have freshly baked French Bread in our bakery that is made daily, a wide variety of olive oil, and so many recipes on our website that use olive oil as a main ingredient. Want to discover what the hype is around olive oil? Keep reading to find out!

Olive Oil Benefits:

Olive oil is considered to be heart-healthy. A 2022 Harvard study illustrates that regular olive oil consumption instead of animal fats could lead to lower cardiovascular disease risk. Additionally, olive oil could potentially help boost bone health and strength, as well as combat inflammation, according to the North American Olive Association. For more information, see the sources at the end of this blog and different studies that have come out around olive oil.

Cooking With Olive Oil:

While there are many different types of olive oils, you may be wondering what the differences are. In our “Cooking with Olive Oil” article, you will learn about four main types of olive oils and how they stand out from each other. This article will help you choose which olive oil to use the next time you cook. Additionally, if you are looking for new recipes that use olive oil, you have come to the right place! Check out these fabulous recipes that you are sure to love!

Orange-Scented Olive Oil Cake: When you think of baking a cake, you would typically use canola oil or vegetable oil. Yes, you can actually use olive oil in some baking recipes like this one! With cinnamon & nutmeg also in the mix, you are sure to have a favorite here.

Italian Easter Pie: With Easter right around the corner, you will certainly want to try this Italian Easter Pie at your holiday gathering. All the freshest ingredients into one savory pie will have your guests thrilled!

Harvest Salad: Fresh arugula, blue cheese, walnuts, and brussel sprouts make for a fantastic salad. Cooking the brussel sprouts in PICS olive oil is the perfect way to make them!

Honey-Garlic Skillet Chicken: With only six ingredients, this chicken dish is absolutely delicious and simple to make.