Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 13, 2017


Nabisco has recently introduced 6 new crackers called Vea. large_6738feae-113b-4457-83b8-08df34462cd6.jpg   The six varieties are: Vea World Crisp Tuscan Herb, World Crisp Andean Quinoa and Spices, Vea Seed Crackers Greek Humus with Olive Oil, See Crackers Mexican Garden Herbs, Vea Mini Crunch Bars Thai Coconut and Mini Crunch Bars Peruvian Sweet Potato.   Vea Crackers are made with real ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors.  This product is not only Kosher, but Non GMO Project verified too.   Look for Nabisco Vea Crackers in the Cracker aisle in Price Chopper/Market32 stores.