Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

                              McCAIN CRAFT BEER BATTER THIN CUT FRIES

Now you can have your favMcCains Craft friesorite Craft Beer Batter Fries at home! McCain Craft Beer Thin Cut Fries are Crafted with American Pale Ale and are the perfect complement to any meal or to pass around for any occasion.  McCain has answered the call from Millennials and Gen Xers alike and captured the Craft Beer experience in their fries! Leave it to McCain to create a unique delicious Craft Beer Batter French Fry that everyone will love!  You can always count on McCain to provide plenty of choices to please the family.  With various seasonings, shapes and varieties like new Craft Beer Batter Thin Cut, you can wow your family with a different potato every night.  Even the pickiest eaters will find something to love. You can find these delicious McCain Craft Beer Batter Thin Cut Fries alongside the other Great McCain Fries in the Potato section of the Frozen aisle. outshine-yogurt-peach

                                             OUTSHINE SIMPLY YOGURT BARS

Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars are the first of its kind – made with 100% Grade A yogurt that happens to be frozen!  Grade A yogurt is the first ingredient – no other frozen yogurt snack can say that! They have been able to create these refreshing and filling snacks without any of the grainy texture from freezing refrigerated yogurt and without using ANY fillers.  Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars use real fruit, keep live and active cultures and include the functional benefit of 54 grams of protein that the disciplined health seeker is looking for. Strawberry and Peach Outshine Yogurt Bars are available in the Ice Cream section of the Frozen aisle.