Happy National Lasagna Day!

Today is National Lasagna Day and we are cheesin’ with excitement! In honor of such a special day, we decided to take a deeper look into the origin story of this delicious day. How did lasagna come about and where was it first created? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out!

Like many of mankind’s finest creations, the origins of Lasagna can be traced back to Ancient Greece. The name lasagna, is derived from the Greek word laganon, the first known form of pasta. Laganon was nowhere near a traditional lasagna, but its name comes from its layers of pasta and sauce, similar to how lasagna is prepared today.

Modern day lasagna dates back to the Middle Ages, where it was first made in Naples, Italy. The original recipe was layered with sausage, meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, and sauced with Neapolitan Ragu, a meat sauce born in the city. The first recorded recipe could be found in one of the world’s oldest medieval cookbooks, the 14th-century “The Book of Cookery,” showcasing a fermented dough flattened into a thin sheet, boiled, and sprinkled with cheese and spices, and eaten with a small-pointed stick.

Other variations of lasagna were created around Italy, and the varying concepts were brought to America by Italian Immigrants. For example, Lasagna el forno is credited to the region of Emilia-Romagna, layered with a thicker ragu, made from carrots, onions, finely ground pork and beef, butter, and tomatoes. The recipe also features Bechamel, also known as white sauce, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. It’s the first lasagna dish to be traditionally green, due to the mixing of spinach and other vegetables in its dough.

Traditionally, lasagna is a dish of much variety. But no matter how you prepare it you can’t go wrong with this Italian classic. Stop by your local Price Chopper and Market 32 for all of your lasagna essentials today, and enjoy a tasty family meal for dinner tonight!

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blog_post_Paradox Our February home.grown. Brewer of the Month: Paradox Brewery! We love all things local, and one of our favorite sectors of local food is local beer. There are so many different brews, flavors, and styles, and so many stories to tell! That’s why we’re embarking on a new home.grown. adventure: to bring you fresh craft beer stories each month from our Northeast region; the best region in the United States if you ask us! Up next: Paradox Brewery! This February, or should we say “Febrewary,” we’re highlighting Paradox Brewery. Located on Route 9 in Schroon Lake, Paradox is the home of Pure Adirondack Craft Beer. The brewery was founded in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and they pride themselves on creating pure, authentic brews with all the tastes and feelings of the area.  If you ask the team over at Paradox, they’ll tell you their foundation is the water they use; it can only be found 600 feet below the Adirondack Park. Water so pure it needs no filtering or treatment before being brewed! ParadoxBeer The beginnings of Paradox date back 30 years to when President and Founder Paul Mrocka fell in love with brewing while stationed in Germany as an Army Pilot. Mrocka began brewing for family and friends around Paradox Lake, and those lucky enough to know where to go on the lake could go share a beer with him. Mrocka became fairly well-known for his beer and in 2013 eventually received enough encouragement to open the brewery in Schroon Lake. When following the Paradox Brewery Beer Trail you will find a wide variety of unique, and tasty Adirondack Beers. Check out their core beer selection including Paradox Pilsner, a crisp and highly-drinkable cross between a Czech and German style lager. Also, definitely don’t forget their Off Trail Series, where Paradox enjoys trying new ingredients and different ideas. Off Trail brews include American Wheat, a beer full of wheat, with esters from their house yeast blend, white wine, and a hint of lemon character. American Wheat brings lots of hop flavors and aromatics. Paradox also offers a menu full of seasonal brews and bottle releases. Interested in trying some Paradox Brewery brews? Check out our in-store tasting schedule below to sample Paradox Brewery’s craft beer, take home some brewery swag and more. Saturday 2/3, 11am – 2pm at our Lake Placid Price Chopper Saturday 2/9, 11am – 2pm at our Malta Price Chopper Saturday 2/16, 11am – 2pm at our Wilton Market 32 Saturday 2/23, 11am – 2pm at our Amsterdam Market 32 Interested in visiting the brewery? Make the most of everything Paradox Brewery has to offer! Visit paradoxbrewery.com for taproom hours and menu, get info on brewery tours and more. Brewery & Taproom Address: 154 Route 9 Schroon Lake, NY 12870 blog_post_Ommegang We love all things local, and one of our favorite sectors of local food is local beer. There are so many different brews, flavors, and styles, and so many stories to tell! That’s why we’re embarking on a new home.grown. adventure: to bring you fresh craft beer stories each month from our Northeast region; the best region in the United States if you ask us! Up next: Brewery Ommegang! Ommegang_VC_Brewery Looking for tasty Belgian-Style brewing in the beautiful Northeast? Look no further than Brewery Ommegang, located in Cooperstown, NY. Ommegang began creating these Belgian brews back in 1997, in a building that was built to replicate a Belgian farmhouse. The brewery has grown rapidly since its early days: In 2005 they were struggling to meet demand, so they added 40% more to their production capacity over the next year. These days, the brewery distributes its beer to 46 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, plus the District of Columbia. They also export to Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and recently France! Ommegang_08_16_18_studio shoot-7-EditOmmegang provides a unique variety of thirst-quenching ales, including their Game of Thrones series of beers, paying homage to the Emmy Award-Winning Show. The latest in this series is Bend the Knee, a golden ale with a frothy head. It mixes maltiness and citrus flavor, and finishes strong with a firm bitterness from hops. They also offer a range of other ales from dry-hopped pale ales to refreshing wheat ales and everything in between! Interested in trying some Ommegang brews? Rare_Vos_1 Check out our in-store tasting schedule below to sample Brewery Ommegang’s craft beer, take home some brewery swag and more. Saturday 1/5, 11am – 2pm at our Cooperstown Price Chopper Saturday 1/12, 11am – 2pm at our Wilton Market 32 Saturday 1/19, 11am – 2pm at our Johnstown Price Chopper Saturday 1/26, 11am – 2pm at our Clifton Shoppers World Market 32 Tune in next month for our February Brewer of the Month! kids in an orchard holding red apples

Crunch Time!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

Apples are amazing – sweet, tart, crunchy and crave-worthy! This is apple season, and we have the benefit of enjoying local apples and apple cider, especially the super crunchy, super juicy Snapdragon® born and raised in New York! Sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla, it is a variety that has the bonus of being the product of a cross with the super popular Honey Crisp – YUM! Fun fact – New York ranks second in the U.S. for apple production, with more than 1 billion pounds grown each year!
Picked Apples

Farming and harvest of Honeycrisp apples in an orchard in Nova Scotia.

Apples are an important part of New York agriculture: Learn more at applesfromny.com. Apples bring a lot of health benefits to your family – high in soluble and insoluble fiber, they support weight loss, heart and digestive health. Science is uncovering more about their antioxidant powers, too – quercetin, catechin and chlorogenic acid add to the health properties of apples. Check out all of the great varieties we have at your local store, and don’t forget to try the Washington State star, the Piñata from Stemilt! This is a cross of 3 heirloom varieties that resulted in a classic crunchy, juicy apple, with a surprisingly tropical flavor twist! Great in salads, sandwiches, baking and snacking – learn more and find delicious recipes at https://www.stemilt.com/fruits/apples/pinata-apples/. #eatmoreapples!     blog_postStonyCreekOur December home.grown. Brewer of the Month: Stony Creek Brewery! We love all things local, and one of our favorite sectors of local food is local beer. There are so many different brews, flavors, and styles, and so many stories to tell! That’s why we’re embarking on a new home.grown. adventure: to bring you fresh craft beer stories each month from our Northeast region; the best region in the United State if you ask us! Next up to the plate: Stony Creek Brewery! The pride of Branford, CT, Stony Creek Brewery was rebranded by co-founder Ed Stony Joe Event GuestsCrowley in 2015. Prior to the rebranding, Stony Creek was a small-scale contract-produced craft brand, mainly known for their IPAs named after Connecticut’s two area codes, 203 and 860. Stony Creek became much bigger after their rebrand, which launched in February 2015, and they opened up their first brewery right along the Branford River. The brewery’s 30,000 square foot size makes it the second largest brewing facility and taproom in the state of Connecticut. One of its unique features is a 2,500 square foot tasting room with 23-ounce glass mugs hanging on the wall behind the bar as part of the brewery’s Mug Club. The “Mug Club” is a way of giving back to devoted customers by giving them “their own little piece of the creek,” according to Ed Crowley Jr! Stony Tap PicWe’re proud to team up with the great people over at Stony Creek and we look forward to showcasing their crafty creations, today and in the future. Interested in trying some Stony Creek brews? Check out our in-store tasting schedule below to sample Stony Creek’s craft beer, take home some brewery swag and more. Saturday 12/1, 12pm – 3pm at our Bethlehem Price Chopper Friday 12/7, 5pm – 8pm at our Wilton Market 32 Friday 12/21, 5pm – 8pm at our Clifton Shopper’s World Market 32 Saturday 12/22, 12pm – 3pm at our Malta Price Chopper Saturday 12/29, 12 pm – 3pm at our Market Bistro (Latham) Interested in visiting the brewery? Make the most of everything Stony Creek Brewery has to offer! Visit stonycreekbeer.com for taproom hours and menu, get info on brewery tours and more. Brewery & Taproom Address: 5 Indian Neck Avenue, Branford, CT 06405 Brewery beer garden - High Res.png

Activate Wellness: November is National Diabetes Month

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

World diabetes day, National American diabetic awareness month concept with blood drop examination tool kit, blood sugar tracker record and heart with doctor's stethoscope Diabetes is a rising concern for many – almost 10% of Americans have diabetes, and another 30% are at risk. The good news is, eating well to prevent or manage diabetes is the same for everyone. Some quick tips:   Enjoy a healthy, happy November! Diabetes can be a scary diagnosis. So many things to learn about; blood sugar, diet, exercise, medications, oh my! Let your local Market 32/ Price Chopper Pharmacist help. Pharmacists are medication experts and can help with those questions that can be so overwhelming. When is the best time to take my diabetes medication? How will my DIABETES CONCEPTdinner affect my fasting blood glucose? What is a “good” fasting blood glucose? How do I use my blood glucose meter? Sometimes a little “one on one” time to go over these questions can be very helpful! Stop by your local Market 32/Price Chopper Pharmacy and ask for help. Did you know that we have a Diabetes AdvantEdge program to help you fight your diabetes? This allows patients to receive many generic diabetes medications for free and also a free blood glucose meter and discounted test strips. This can go a long way in making those medication costs affordable. We also have a mobile app and web pharmacy so that you can reorder refills on the go. You can even set up reminders right on your phone to help you remember to take a medication. Doesn’t get easier than that! To download go to the app store and download the Price Chopper Pharmacy Mobile App. Next time you think, “I could use some help with my diabetes”, think Market 32/Price Chopper and stop in! We are happy to help. Written by Kim DeMagistris, PharmD, RPh Price Chopper Pharmacist For more information visit: https://www.pricechopper.com/pharmacy#/ http://www.diabetes.org/in-my-community/american-diabetes-month/

The Rundown on Hardy Mums

FBheader Fall is officially in full swing and mums is the word! Hardy mums that is. Unlike most flowers, mums are ideal for fall. They bring a classic colorfulness and a fitting liveliness perfect for the season. Known by their botanical name, Chrysanthemums, these flowers are built to withstand winter’s toughest temperatures. Mums are one of our favorite items to partner with local growers for sourcing – summer is great but we get excited when cooler weather approaches! The best time to plant mums is actually in the spring: If you look hard enough you should be able to find variations of sizes and colors early. They might not look like anything to rave about then, but by the time fall comes you’ll be thankful for your early s tart. Planting them in the spring also increases hardiness and prepares the mums for the coldest temperatures, allowing them to overwinter. A full day of sun is preferred for mums to have a good bloom, but they can get by with at least half a day’s worth of sun. Hardy mums are commonly seen in many colors such as sunny yellows, pinks, mauves, Chrysanthemums in Autumnand orange-reds. The orange and red variations are the most fitting for the autumn season! Hardy mums may not be as bright as spring flowers, but they’re presence is a very appealing addition to an otherwise fading fall garden. Some hardy mums even change colors over time, “Will’s Wonderful” mums start bright red in the summer, with a touch of yellow in the center. Then, as they age, the yellow slowly spreads across the petals, eventually taking over the flower leaving only tips of red. Our Northeast climate provides an ideal agricultural canvas for planting and growing fall mums. We’re proud to have been partnering with Casertano’s Greenhouses in Cheshire, CT and Kurt Weiss Greenhouses in Moriches, NY for over a decade, allowing us to source our Northeast-grown mums each year! Hardy mums make a great decorative piece for fall: Get yours at your local Price Chopper or Market 32 before it’s too late!

 5 Easy Care Tips for Cast Iron

Maureen Murphy, Manager Consumer Trends, Nutrition and Lifestyles

Cast iron pan on black background I fondly remember my grandmother’s well-seasoned cast iron pan, and the wonderful foods prepared in it. For many years I wanted one, but up until several years ago I was under the mistaken impression that cast iron still required a lot of care. An incredibly useful tool in the kitchen, cast iron is ideal for searing meats, retaining heat, and can go from stovetop to oven so you can even bake in it! Once upon a time, cast iron skillets had to be seasoned before using for the first time, whereas today they are pre-seasoned in the factory making them ready for use after a quick rinse and thorough dry. Thanks to these tips from Lodge, maker of cast iron cookware, it’s easy to keep cast iron looking and performing well. Over time cast iron may begin to look dull, grey or get rusty, and when that happens re-seasoning the pan will bring it back to life. Just follow these easy steps: A cast iron skillet and griddle are now two of my most prized kitchen tools. Add cast iron to your cookware arsenal, and discover the love of cast iron cooking! https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes#/11783 https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes#/14403 Ham and Cheese Sandwich

It’s National Sandwich Month!

August is National Sandwich Month, and we find it necessary to give these tasty, versatile food combinations the appreciation they deserve! The first ever sandwich, as the story goes, was enjoyed by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. Montagu was quite the gambler, and in the heat of a 24 hour gambling binge he needed a meal that would fill him up, while allowing him to keep his focus on his game. The cook brought him slices of meat stuck between two pieces of toast, no utensils necessary and a free hand to continue gambling. The sandwich was born! Fast forward to today and the sandwich has become something of an art form. Endless combinations, varieties, tastes, and flavors for any appetite. Anything goes! Creating the perfect sandwich has turned into a battle of creativity and originality. Meanwhile, the classic meat and bread combination is the perfect bite for any situation. We took a look at some of the best sandwich additions over time and how they became associated with such a staple in many people’s diets. Tomato Soup garnished with Parmesan cheese and croutons Most people enjoy their sandwiches with a side of potato chips. But what about putting potato chips right on the sandwich? If you’re looking to add an element of crispiness to your ‘wich this is the way to go. In the United Kingdom, it’s commonly referred to as a Crisp sandwich. A Crisp sandwich is simply any sandwich with an added layer of potato chips, popular varieties include; barbecue chips on ham and cheddar, salt and vinegar chips on tuna fish, and plain chips on peanut butter. Next time you’re enjoying your favorite sandwich, throw some potato chips on there and see how you like it! Sprouts are another great addition to sandwiches! As many vegetables do, sprouts often vary in texture and taste. It’s important to understand the different varieties and which pair best with your favorite sandwich. Green-leaf sprouts are recognized by two tiny green leaves at the tip of a slim ½-inch to 3-inch shoot, these sprouts add a nice element to your meal. More commonly, alfalfa sprouts have threadlike shoots with green tops, they provide a calm, nutty flavor that goes well with your sandwich of choice! GettyImages-896409278.jpgAnother essential part of every sandwich are the condiments that complete it. Mayonnaise, mustard, and oil are all common. But what about other interesting tastes? Pesto is commonly found in Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, but it can be used in a number of ways. It works well on turkey or chicken sandwiches, and is even good on grilled cheese. How about Greek yogurt? Yes, you read that correctly. Greek yogurt pairs surprisingly well with egg salad, chicken salad, chicken, and turkey sandwiches. It tastes great and is a healthier alternative to mayonnaise. If you’re looking for a healthier option definitely give it a shot. There you have it! Try something new in honor of National Sandwich Month. Add a twist to your usual and discover a new ingredient that takes your sandwich to the next level. There are many options to explore: maybe you’ll find a new favorite!