Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs BROOKSIDE DARK CHOCOLATE Brookside’s dark chocolate covered real fruit pieces are a delicious chocolate and fruit taste experience.  Brookside’s patented technology delivers great tasting products containing real fruit juice centers.  Combines smooth, rich dark chocolate and exotic fruit juice flavors.  Brookside’s dark chocolate is a natural source of flavanobrookside7chocolateacail antioxidants. Available in three great flavor varieties: Consumers love the taste of Brookside’s dark chocolate covered real fuit juice pieces.  Look for Brookside in the candy aisle today!  MAMA ROSIE’S 4-CHEESE JUMBO ROUND RAVIOLI mamaro24ravioli4chjumborndGreat taste just got bigger!  Introducing Mama Rosie’s 24 oz. Four Cheese Jumbo Round Ravioli.  A jumbo ravioli stuffed with a delicious blend of Creamy Ricotta, grated Parmesan, 100% imported Pecorino Romano and savory Asiago Cheeses.  Mama Rosie came to this country from Italy in 1908.  Her delicious pasta recipes have been passed down through the generations.  Mama Rosie’s products contain only the highest quality all natural ingredients with that wholesome home-cooked taste that you and your family will love. Look for Mama Rosie’s 4 Cheese Jumbo ROund Ravioli in the frozen aisle.