January 20, 2019 Looking for wholesome organic veggies?  Try Little Green Sprout’s Organics by Green Giant.  They go from our farm to the freezer for fun the whole family can enjoy. Little Green Sprouts come in three different varieties:Little Sprouts veggie spirals Sprout’s Organics Veggie Spirals – spiralized vegetables are the “in” veggie right now. Convenient, prepped and ready. Organic spiralized vegetables can be served as a side or enjoyed as a main dish. Sprout’s Organics Riced Veggies –Riced Veggies spare consumers the time and the mess.Little Sprouts riced veggies Little Sprout’s riced veggies are convenient, prepped and ready to cook. Organic cauliflower based vegetable blends can be served as a side or in a recipe. Little Sprouts mashed cauliflowerSprout’s Organics Mashed Cauliflower – Great organic alternative to traditional rice, potatoes and pasta. Skip the carbs and prep work of making your own mashed potatoes. Little Sprout’s are made from 100% USDA Organic Vegetables, the Spirals have 65%-90% fewer calories than traditional pasta and fewer carbs vs.traditional pasta. Little Sprout’s have no sauce or seasoning, artificial flavors or colors. Look for Green Giant Little Sprout’s in the Frozen section.