Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 28, 2018 Jack’s Quality Beans bring innovation to the canned bean department!  They pack their fully cooked organic beans in Tetra Pak carton packaging, making Jack’s the sustainable choice compared to beans in traditional metal cans.  Why choose the carton over a can? Eco-friendly!  Made of renewable resources and 100% recyclable.Jacks quality beans Preserves freshness without harmful preservatives or the “tinny” taste of a can. No can opener needed and no sharp edges to dispose of. Jack’s isn’t just the smart choice on the outside – in each carton you will find top quality, USDA Organic beans that are non-GMO verified, low sodium and gluten free! One of the most versatile foods, beans are a staple you should always have on hand.  Whether you are making a cool bean salad on a hot summer day, warming up with chili on a cold night or mashing them up for hummus or bean burgers – Jack’s Quality has you covered with an assortment that includes black, garbanzo, kidney, pinto or butter beans! Look for Jack’s Quality Beans in the Canned Vegetable aisle.