New Items: It's Skinny Pasta

It’s Skinny™ doesn’t look like other pasta.

Oh pasta. So many ways to enjoy, but so many carbs! After centuries as the world’s go-to comfort food, isn’t it about time for an update? Skinny reimagines pasta to give fresh thinkers the freedom to feast on more creative eats, without the constrainment of unhealthy carbs. From spaghetti and meatballs to rich noodle soups, pasta has spent centuries as the world’s go-to comfort food. But after all this time of pairing the ingredients we crave with needless carbs and calories, isn’t it about time that some fresh thinker asked, “Couldn’t we make this better?” That’s why they created It’s Skinny, the 9-calorie noodle that grants you the freedom to enjoy your favorite pasta and rice dishes without guilt. Made with an ancient Japanese plant called Konjac, It’s Skinny is full of fiber, remarkably low in carbs, and amazing at capturing all the comforts you crave. So go ahead. Get creative. Fill a bowl with the biggest, richest, wildest flavors you can dream up. After all, when your pasta only has 9 calories, no ingredient is off the table. It’s Skinny time.

Enjoy pasta reimagined. No Guilt , No Hassle, That’s the Skinny.