New Items: HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce

Bring a taste of Mexico to your kitchen with the authentic flavors found in HERDEZ® salsas—where bold, flavorful ingredients come with a side of attitude and traditional Mexican culture inspires the most delicious modern Mexican cuisine.

Now, set the table for something truly special! A hot sauce as creamy and smooth as it is tangy and exciting. Finally, avocado found its fire in HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce.

Discover two treasures in one: the creamy finish of real avocado and the fiery kick of jalepenos. Perfect for ALL your favorite dishes. Embolden your chicken, pork and beef recipes with the unique, piquant flavor you’ve been craving. Set breakfast hashbrowns and eggs ablaze with a serving of smooth avocado and a spark of spice. Top your fish tacos, burritos and tortas with a well-balanced taste that brings out the best in every bite or breathe new life into your wings, burgers and fries! The possibilities are endlessly delicious.

For the heat seekers out there, you’ll find that the mild to medium heat builds with intensity the more you add, so load up by the spoonful for refreshing avocado with a little extra attitude. Even so, HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce doesn’t compete with your food’s flavors—it enhances them, complementing a variety of cuisines and transforming dull into dang that’s good. The creamy, smooth consistency works great for dollops and drizzles, dipping, pouring and even mixing into other sauces—or wherever your taste buds take you.

So if you’re ready to grab life by the avocados, then you’d better grab a bottle of HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce. It’s our new favorite secret weapon for every dish.

Taste the bold Mexican difference with HERDEZ®.