January 13, 2019 Like many others, I’m always looking for fun and healthy treats that the family can enjoy.   That’s why we are really excited to introduce our Market 32 Snack Trays – they’re truly the perfect anywhere, anytime snack.  Check out the many different combinations of the freshest, high quality fruits, vegetables, nuts and candies, and how they’re ideal for the office, on the go, or in a lunchbox.  With so many different varieties to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Pre-sliced, washed and ready to eat for your convenience – take your pick and recharge! These healthy treats are available in the Produce Department. m323snacktrayfruitcheesm32snacktracy_crackers_candy       Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 4, 2018


Now the entire family can enjoy premium cheese anytime, anywhere with Finlandia’s convenient grab-and-go Snack Time Snacking Sticks. A good source of calcium and protein, they are available in three delicious gourmet flavors:  rich, sweet and creamy Gouda, a bold blend of tangy Cheddar and a smooth Gruyere and a royal marriage of creamy Gouda and sharp Parmesan.Finlandia Snack Stick These imported Cheese Sticks are free of artificial hormones and made with Non-GMO ingredients and provide full-flavor snacking for all ages. Look for Finlandia Cheese Sticks in the Dairy aisle.