Kodiak Cakes - Energize a Protein and Whole Grain Habit!

Ellie Wilson

MS RDN Manager, Health and Wellness

New Year’s resolutions to embrace healthier habits inspire shoppers to look for new products and ideas. So many are working and managing school from home these days, I love finding solutions that connect the dots including easy-to-make, kid-friendly, travel-friendly, versatile and nutritious. The Kodiak Cakes products are delicious solutions with unique benefits to explore.

Power Cakes

The signature flapjack and waffle mixes, in Buttermilk and Honey or Dark Chocolate flavors, are a great starting place. Just add water, and these mixes will kick the day off with over 5 grams of protein per serving, (up to 14 gms in the Dark Chocolate mix!), 100% whole grains, and a good source of fiber to stay full and focused on the morning to-do list. Make extra and freeze them – they make a great lunch, snack or “breakfast-for-dinner” treat. These mixes can also be used for muffins, even batter for chicken nuggets or veggies (did someone say air fryer?). Bonus – both mixes earn the Know Your Colors nutrition guide tags for Protein Smart and Whole Grain!

Frozen Waffles and Flapjacks

The same whole grain goodness and even more convenience when you add these to the basket! Flavors adults and children love, and something older children/teens can make themselves, so super for beyond breakfast snack attacks! All three flavors – Buttermilk Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Chia make the grade for Know Your Colors Whole Grain and Protein Smart.

Baking Mixes

You know you have a hit when your 17-year-old decides to make the protein-packed cornbread into muffins he can take to school! With 10 gms of protein per prepared serving, as well as 3 gms fiber and less than 10 grams of sugar, this item hits the mark and aligns with several of the healthier eating recommendations reinforced last week with the release of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans – increase whole grain intake, increase fiber intake, and limit added sugars. Check out the whole line – the brownie and blueberry mixes are also made with whole grains, check the labels for more nutrition information and some great recipe variations on the side of the box.

Oatmeal Cups

Another hit with all age groups – these power 100% whole grain breakfast cups are easy and delicious, with flavors like Maple Brown Sugar – just add water (or milk, for a little extra nutrient boost) and cook in the microwave while coffee is brewing, they are also great for tweens and teens starting to cook, (placed strategically at the front of the pantry to inspire better after-school snacking on a cold day), and are a smart item to keep handy in a desk drawer at work for a power lunch. Bonus – they earn the Know Your Colors Protein Smart guide! 

Granola Bars, Protein Balls and More

Kodiak Cakes is a company on a mission to bring whole grains, protein and flavor together in ways that really work for today’s health-seeking shoppers and families – check out their products throughout the store, for more solutions that will energize your whole grain and protein habits!