Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 15, 2017


                Healthy Choice Power Bowls deliver Modern Healthy to consumers through high quality food. It is their culinary approach that insists that every ingredient matters.  Every Power Bowl is made with intentional balance of vegetables, proteins and whole grains to fuel your lifestyle. healthy choice power bowls Healthy Choice Power Bowls use Antibiotic Free Chicken, All Natural USDA Choice Beef, All Natural Pork Loin – contained in a compostable Fiber Bowl. Healthy Choice Power Bowls meals are inspired by international recipes.  Look for Korean Beef, Adobo Chicken, Cuban Pork Roast, and Chicken Sausage & Barley Bowl varieties. Look for Healthy Choice Power Bowls in the Entrée Meal section of the Frozen aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 8, 2017


 At Graze, they are on a mission to make healthy snacking more exciting!  They have created a huge variety of inventive, wholesome and nutritious snacks, which taste delicious and make you feel excited about making the better choice.  Graze started by offering their snacks online and have now made your favorite snacks available in stores! Graze deconstructed snacks have no GM ingredients, no high fructose corn graze snackssyrup, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors.  Their innovative single serve punnet is the perfect portion when you need a wholesome nutritious snack.  They also offer a multi-serve bag that is perfect for sharing with your friends. Graze snacks offer the perfect snack for any time of day.  Their snack varieties are wholesome and nutritious, savory and sweet.  Among the flavors offered are: Veggie Protein Power, Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart, Salted Caramel Cookie, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Sweet Memphis BBQ and Spicy Sriracha Crunch. Look for Graze Snacks in the Snack aisle. Written by Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist   blueberry-heartResolutions abound in the New Year, particularly those that connect food and health. Weight loss is still top of mind for many after the indulgence of the holidays, but more and more, emphasis is being put on adding nutrition benefits over cutting calories. We have plenty of ways to help you enjoy a fresh take on being well this year.   Fruit and Veggie Hacks More matters, and there are so many easy ways to add produce to your day. Our Fresh Express salad section keeps bringing new ideas to your table! Enjoy easy prep and great salad variety with added flavor and nutrition boosts from cheese, pepitas, nuts, and fruit accents, included right in the package. Dole and Welch frozen fruits, and PICS frozen vegetables are adding more varieties to their ranks, and make it easy to enjoy smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and inspired oatmeal combinations, and quick dinner prep. Beverage Bonanza Keep an eye on beverages all over the store – super seltzers, enhanced waters, drinkable yogurts, teas, added probiotics, and lower calories are all themes in new items and refreshed favorites. Good Fats Nuts rule, and Emerald 100 calorie packages help you max the benefits and manage the calories. Avocados continue to climb higher on the health (and taste!) ladder. Add just a little more olive or canola oil to your recipes and enjoy supporting your healthy heart. Protein Power Convenient servings and packages help you eat well at home and include a wide variety of lean proteins – check out frozen grilled chicken and deli tubs, string cheese and new options with yogurt and cottage cheese. The trend toward plant protein is also powering up in a lot of delicious and interesting food products. Many new items are designed to help you easily and quickly add delicious ancient grains, lentils, beans and pea protein to your table and snacks. These are just a few of the food trends you will see as we ring in a healthy New Year – we can’t wait to share them all! For recipes and inspiration, visit our New Year New You Pinterest board!           Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN, Senior Nutritionist The American Heart Association, long known for their efforts to educate Americans about the best ways to enjoy great heart health, began a new tradition several years ago with National Eating Healthy Day. It always falls on the first Wednesday of November, and seeks to help people keep their heart in mind as the holidays begin. The theme this year is “Be Colorful”, to get us thinking about and enjoying more fruits and vegetables at all of our eating occasions. You can add more produce to your diet with these easy, quick tips: eggplant White bean dip with vegetables
  1. Power up breakfast with some dried fruit in oatmeal, like dried cherries and apricots.
  2. Make that morning snack a small apple and a light cheese stick – produce plus protein is perfect!
  3. Add some extra frozen or canned veggies to your lunchtime soup, or mix bagged, chopped salads with romaine lettuce for a quick power salad. Dress with balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil to keep the taste high and calories low.
  4. Hummus and cut veggies make a flavorful, plant-protein and fiber-rich afternoon snack.
  5. Double up on dinner vegetables – double servings of the same item, or mix and match fresh/ready-to-eat vegetables with your favorite cooked ones – with produce, more is always better!
Get your holiday season started with National Eating Healthy Day and give your heart a great gift! https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes/11374/Caramelized-Brussels-Sprouts-with-Lemon https://www.pricechopper.com/recipes/7283/Apple-Date-Squares http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/HealthyLiving/HeathyEating/Nutrition/National-Eating-Healthy-Day_UCM_454414_Article.jsp#.WA-K9fkrKM8       Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs PANERA BREAD BAKERY BLENDS COFFEE Introducing Panera Bread Bakery Blends Coffee!  Now you can enjoy the quality ingredients and care you experience in every Panera Bread Café in the comfort of your own home. panera12bakerblendcoffee2 Panera works with responsible growers that use traditional and sustainable methods and produce some of the finest 100% Arabica coffee.  It is Panera’s commitment to handcrafted artisan products and a focus on quality from seed to cup that result in some of the most unique coffees in the world. We’re sure you’ll find your favorite cup – available in Dark Roast, Light Roast, Italian Expresso and Hazelnut Crème. Look for Panera Bread Bakery Blends Coffee in the Coffee aisle. STARKIST TUNA CREATIONS Spice up meal time with StarKist Tuna Creations – an easy way to add flavorful variety to healthy meals!  All four varieties of lightly seasoned tuna come in a convenient single serve pouch and are 110 calories or less. Simply tear open a pouch and pour for a quick and easy meal!  Look for StarKist Tuna Creations on the Canned Meat and Fish aisle. Guest post written by Kathleen McAllister MS, RD, CDN Cornell Cooperative Extension Do you have an energetic child who loves to be with you in the kitchen?  Or maybe a child who wants to eat nothing but boxed mac and cheese?  Working together in the kitchen to prepare food is a great way for children to learn new skills, gain confidence, have fun, and try nutritious foods. Children are eager to be involved in meal preparation, as it helps fulfill some of their natural curiosity about the food they eat.  They are more likely to eat foods they helped cut, stir, chop, or cook.  With the right tools, kids can easily get their hands in on the kitchen action. Helping children assemble their own kid-friendly kitchen kit can make preparing food even more fun and special.  Any plastic container or basket will work well.  Stickers can be used to decorate and personalize the kit.  Start with a plastic or silicon spatula, spoon, or whisk for mixing or stirring, in your child’s favorite bright colors.  Blunt scissors, egg slicers and plastic knives are useful for cutting soft items.  A plastic pizza and cookie cutter can be used to make food into fun shapes.  Add a food grade brush to “paint” on marinade for kebobs and meats.  Complete the kit with a chef’s hat and apron so kids can look the part.  Store your kid-friendly kit in a special place in the kitchen, and your child will be ready to help prepare any family meal or snack. Price Chopper, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Eat Smart New York!,  have teamed up to celebrate our fourth annual Family Mealtimes Matter Campaign.  Make the pledge to spend the next month making mealtimes better together by setting a goal to increase the number of meals you have together as a family.  If you have children, try setting a goal to involve them in preparing one family meal a week, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   Stop by select Price Chopper stores in New York State on October 11th and 13th to speak to Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Educators and Price Chopper Dietitians, and pick up helpful resources.  For a complete list of the Price Chopper locations hosting these events, click here! For more information about Cornell Cooperative Extension and Eat Smart New York!, go to www.cce.cornell.edu  and http://otda.ny.gov/programs/nutrition/ or call your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office.  For resources outside of New York State, contact your state extension office. Are you looking for ways to stay healthy this summer and still eat delicious, flavorful meals? Choosing whole wheat bread for your morning toast, your lunch sandwich, or any other meal is a great and simple way to stay on track and still enjoy a delicious treat! Have you tried Central Market Classics whole wheat bread? We want to hear what you think about it! Try CMC bread for only $1.00 with our coupon on Facebook, then comment below to tell us what you think about it to enter to win a year supply of whole wheat CMC bread! Leave us a comment about what you think of CMC bread by Friday, June 22nd at 2:00 to be entered! CMC is a premium bread with all the goodness and full bodied flavor of wheat kernel bread. Made from whole grains, CMC bread is 100% whole wheat and has 3 grams of fiber per serving (that’s 3 grams more than traditional white bread!).  Each serving of CMC bread has 0 Trans fats, 26 grams of whole grain and no high fructose syrup-making it the perfect healthy addition to your day! Read official rules here.