Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 2, 2018

GE Classic Shape LED Light Bulbs in Soft White and Daylight Colors

General Electric has introduced a new family of the classic light bulb, using LED technology.  These general purpose light bulbs come in a variety of lumen outputs (also known as different light levels). Available in both Soft White and Day Light colors, these All Glass designed light bulbs look just like classic incandescent or halogen light bulbs that you may be familiar with.  GE_bulbsGone is the plastic housing! Did you know that when you replace your incandescent or halogen bulbs with GE LED bulbs in your home or office, your energy costs can drop by as much as 84%?  These savings can add up fast and put money back to work in your pocket. Designed to last for up to 9 years, these newest versions will save you time, too.  Fewer trips to stock up and fewer times to get the ladder out to change your bulbs. Stop by the Light Bulb Section in your store today!