Written by Jane N. Golub

Director In-Store Marketing Programs

FRESH GUARD by EFFERDENTfresh-guard-wipes-cleaner.png.354x308_q85

Fresh Guard by Efferdent is available in a 20 Wipes package especially designed for:

Daytime wearers, who are looking for a quick clean for their retainer, mouthguard or removable braces.

Fresh Guard Wipes can be used anywhere.  Simply wipe the device – no water needed.

This is ideal for after meals and Wipes can be used anytime.

Fresh Guard by Efferdent Soak is for all wearers who are looking for a deep clean at home.

Simply soak the retainer, mouthguard or removable braces for five minutes with warm water, then rinse.  This should be done daily and you can soak with Fresh Guard by Efferent while you are taking your shower.

Using Fresh Guard by Efferent Wipes and/or Soak will not damage the unique materials your dental devices are made of.

Look for Fresh Guard by Efferdent Wipes and Fresh Guard by Efferdent Soak in the Oral Health section.


New Kemps Sea Salt Caramel Truffle is here!  Kemps, the #1-selling frozen yogurt brand in America, has the smooth-and-creamy taste of ice cream, but with less fat and fewer calories.  They have introduced a decadent new flavor and we think you’ll agree that Sea Salt Caramel Truffle – caramel frozen yogurt with caramel filled chocolate truffles, sea salt and ribbons of caramel is a great addition to the other Kemps family-pleasing flavors you’ll find at Price Chopper:

Black Jack Cherry – made with real cherries

Vanilla – a creamy classic

Moose Tracks – smooth vanilla frozen yogurt swirled with Moose Tracks Fudge and mixed with creamy peanut butter cups

Treat your family to one of these delicious flavors today!

Look for Kemps Frozen Yogurt in the Frozen aisle.