Winner, Winner, Market 32 Free From Chicken DInner

Ellie Wilson


Chicken is definitely a winner when it comes to making a delicious dinner! Or lunch, or snack – versatile and available in so many easy-to-cook cuts, you can make tried and true family favorites, explore global cuisines, or just stick to quick and easy when Market 32 FREE FROM Chicken is on your list.

Market 32 FREE FROM Chicken has all of the flavor and quality shoppers are looking for – carefully sourced by the Market 32 FREE FROM Team from the first family farming operation in the world to earn the American Humane Certified ™ verification, they live in open houses, allowing them the ability to live a stress free life without the threat of predators, exposure to diseases from migratory birds or harm from the elements which would all impact flock health. They are fed a high quality diet of pesticide-free, American-grown, Non-GMO grains, specifically planned by vets and animal nutritionists, with an unlimited supply of clean water and fresh feed along with plenty of fresh air and room to roam. The farm has been raising chickens for over 50 years – they have learned that ensuring a good environment for the chickens, including water and soil testing, delivers a good quality of life and results in a safe, delicious product. They take even more care with their employees, which they call their best asset, ensuring they have company-provided PPE, regular screenings, work area safety standards, and more. Price Chopper/Market 32 customers can be confident they are bringing a great choice home to their families and friends. 

Fresh Market 32 FREE FROM Chicken is an excellent source of protein and is also a lean choice when choosing skinless chicken tenders, thin-sliced cutlets or skinless chicken breasts. Market 32 FREE FROM Chicken is available in a range of cuts and package sizes, and lends itself to any number of recipes and serving ideas. Casseroles, soups, salads, sheet pan and skillet meals are all on the menu.

There has been a lot more cooking going on at home over the last six months or so, and we are hearing from customers that they are looking for some inspiration to get past cooking fatigue. We can help! Combine Market 32 FREE FROM Chicken with a delicious Culinary Tours item like Szechuan Style Peanut Sauce, or season with PICS Everything Spice Blend for a quick and easy meal. Check out the recipes below from our website and YouTube channels – you are sure to find some new favorites, and more than one way to win the dinner dilemma!

Honey Garlic Skillet Chicken | White Chicken Chili | Buffalo Chicken Salad | Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos