food thermameter

 Maureen Rowan Murphy, Manager Consumer Trends, Nutrition and Lifestyles

  Loss of electrical power here in the Northeast due to seasonal storms and high winds is a year-round threat. You can reduce the risk of foodborne illness and minimize food loss by following the recommendations outlined below by USDA.   Before a Power Outage Occurs   While the Power Is Out food after outage Once Power Is Restored Which foods may be safely used or refrozen in the event of a power outage? Each situation is different, as are the conditions existing in individual refrigerators and freezers.   Never taste foods you think might be unsafe.  Most food poisoning bacteria are tasteless, colorless, and odorless.  When in doubt, throw it out!       What Should I Throw Out? The following foods are not safe to consume if kept over 2 hours above 40ºF and need to be discarded:   What Can I Keep? The following foods are still safe to consume if kept at or above 40°F for more than 2 hours:   Visit for more food safety tips.