Happy Octoberfest!

In 1810, Munich, Germany held its very first Oktoberfest festival. Originally a celebration of the marriage between King Louis I and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, the annual party has made its way across the world. Now, in the United States, each year we highlight seasonal beers, foods, and activities all in the spirit of Oktoberfest. Here are some of our favorites!

Pretzels: Soft pretzels are a prized possession at Oktoberfest. In 610 A.D., as the story goes, Italian monks made the first pretzels from leftover bread-dough scraps. The twisted knot shape was meant to symbolize arms folded in prayer, and in Europe they became considered a holy food with healing powers. This explains its presence at such a large European gathering. Eventually pretzels made their way to America and we fell in love with them, especially with a Dark Lager, IPA, Brown Ale, or even German Märzen beer! Check out the video below for our Bavarian Soft Pretzels recipe.

German Märzen / Oktoberfest Beer: Speaking of German Märzen, what exactly is it? It’s essentially the beer of Oktoberfest and the style that breweries in the United States refer to as Octoberfest. For a great-tasting take try Samuel Adams Octoberfest. For a tasty, authentic food pairing outside of soft pretzels try Beer Mustard Crusted Pork Loin, Pork Schnitzel, or German Potato Soup!

Würstl or Sausages: Whether it’s Bratwurst, Weisswurst, or any of the many other varieties, sausage is a major player in German and Oktoberfest cuisine. Of course, most often served with a generous amount of mustard and sauerkraut. If you’re looking for the perfect beer to pair with your sausage, a good tip is mildly spiced sausages work well with sweet malt flavors and light hops, compared to the spicier varieties which pair with darker and heavier brews.

Desserts: No festival is complete without dessert. At a typical Oktoberfest celebration, Strudels and Kuchen, the German word for cake, are appropriate. In America, seasonal pies are also fitting for the occasion. All excellent while paired with a nice Märzen!

Pumpkin Beer: Although it’s more American than German Oktoberfest, everything is pumpkin in the fall, including the beer. It’s a signature seasonal flavor that truly brings the essence of October to your tastebuds. We carry a number of different options in our beer aisle. Looking to enjoy pumpkin beer with a meal? We recommend slow-cooked meats, chicken and waffles, or chili. Maybe some pecan or apple pie for dessert. YUM!

Oktoberfest has taken off since the original festival in Munich. It’s inspired many across America and given us a number of awesome seasonal flavors. We love celebrating this annual tradition and hope you join us by trying one of these delicious food and beer pairings. For everything you need to enjoy your own Octoberfest visit your local store, or shop with us online!


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NY Apple Recipe Roundup - 10 Ways to Love a Bag of Apples

Ellie Wilson


Apples From New York™ are in season, and in the store! One of our favorite Home.grown crops, New York Apples are a quick snack, or a culinary chameleon – so versatile and easy to enjoy! Making your way through a bag or tote of New York apples is a smart way to add flavor, fiber, crunch and nutrition benefits to every meal and snack. Check out this fun recipe roundup that will make you look forward to that apple-a-day in some new ways!

New York apple agriculture is very important – New York is second in the USA for apple production. The farm families that grow apples are multi-generational stewards that carefully nurture the land and trees, to ensure you get delicious, nutritious fruit for your family meals. September is #FamilyMealsMonth, no better time to explore new ways to eat well as a family, and add some new meal and snack ideas if you are navigating new school routines and need some inspiration.

Home schooling? Use the website resources and crunch on apples as you learn about farming, local foods, cooking, history, agriculture, science, and nutrition – children of all ages will love these lessons!

Store smart – keep apples crunchy and fresh by storing in the refrigerator or a cool, dry space. Wash apples before using for recipes or snacks by rubbing skins briskly under cool running water.


  1. Simple snack – grab that apple for a mid-morning crunch or afternoon munch.
  2. Slice and serve – apple slices are a super snack, and easy with an apple slicer. Pack them fresh with a squeeze of lemon to keep them from browning, dip into PICS Peanut Butter or dust with cinnamon for a fresh twist.
  3. Breakfast boost – grated fresh apples are a quick and easy addition to overnight oats recipes, PICS yogurt parfait (vanilla/apple/walnuts/yum!) – love them on my PICS Shredded Wheat cereal with milk!
  4. Salad savvy – Chopped apples are a great addition to salads, including many of the fresh salad kits in the store. Try any one of your favorite apple varieties with Fresh Express Poppyseed, Sweet Kale or Honey Pecan salads. Some PICS Cheddar Cubes or pulled Market 32 Rotisserie Chicken make the meal in just a minute!
  5. Sandwich smart – PICS Flour tortillas/pita or your favorite Market 32 Bakery bread are a great base for a ham or turkey/apple/cheddar quesadilla or panini. Pulled pork with grated apple or a side of apple coleslaw with pecans are fresh takes on old favorites. Or, try your new favorite Chicken Apple Kale Slaw Wrap.
  6. Snack attack – No-bake apple “donuts” will win the day and sneak some nutrition into afternoon snacks. Peel and core two apples, then slice into rings. Spread peanut or almond butter (you can call it icing, we won’t tell!) on one side of the ring, and top with crushed cinnamon cereal, nuts, pretzels or even sprinkles.
  7. Sweet and savory – New York apples will help you make quick dinner magic with some fresh takes on sheet pan and skillet meals. Each meal below serves 4.
    1. Apple Panko Skillet Chicken – (4) Market 32 Apple Panko Chicken Cutlets, made fresh in the Meat Department, sautéed in PICS Olive Oil until done (160F) – pair them up with a quick New York apple and onion sauté and a warm fresh Bakery cornbread muffin.
    2. Apple Sheet Pan Dinner – Chop (2) New York apples, (2 small) yellow onions, and (2 medium white or yellow) potatoes in a one- inch dice. Add 1 bag (fresh or frozen) Brussels sprouts and place on an oiled sheet pan with (about 1 Lb.) Market 32 Chicken Tenders or Skinless Thighs, OR Market 32 Sweet Chicken or Italian Sausage, OR cubed pork tenderloin. Roast at 400F for about 30 minutes, or until meat is done (160 F) and vegetables are tender and caramelized. If using sausage, be sure to turn them once during cooking.

Apple Cider Chicken and Cabbage – Place aluminum foil in a sheet or roasting pan, oil lightly with PICS Olive Oil or vegetable oil spray. Lay about 1 Lb. of Market 32 Skinless Chicken Breasts in the center. Surround with (3-4) peeled, chopped New York apples. Roast for 25 minutes at 350F, then baste with ½ cup of New York Apple Cider mixed with 1 tsp PICS Dijon Mustard. Roast for an additional 10 minutes, until chicken is 145F and apples are tender. Serve with warm Market 32 Bakery rolls and sautéed fresh cabbage. 

Fun in the Kitchen

The Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club has some amazing apple recipes, like this one for Apple Pie Ice Cream Apple Pie Ice Cream. Cooking and baking can be part of home -schooling lessons – measuring ingredients promotes math skills, and reviewing recipes supports reading and science skills.

Learn more about the many varieties of home.grown. Market 32 New York apples you can find in our stores. Tips, hacks and amazing recipes can all be found here. Enjoy!

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