Have you tried our new Everything Bagel spice blend? We’re putting it on everything. There are tons of ways to enjoy it, so we decided to put together a few of our favorites for you to try out for yourself! Here’s a baker’s dozen.

Rub it on Roast Meat: Everything bagel seasoning makes for a tasty rub: Try it on roast meat or roasted chicken. When you’re preparing the meat, add in some of our seasoning, using butter or olive oil to spread it around. Cook it up and enjoy!

Use it on Fried Eggs: Looking for a way to bring some flavor to your morning eggs? Everything bagel seasoning is the answer! While the egg is frying on the pan simply sprinkle some seasoning on top for the perfect added flavor.

Season Roasting Vegetables: Roasting some vegetables as a side dish with dinner? Sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning along with some oil, just the thing to add that little something to your greens.

Maximize Mac n Cheese: Before you add the top layer of cheese, add in some everything bagel seasoning in to take it up a notch.

Put it on Pizza: We all know that oregano is a classic seasoning for pizza, but you don’t have to stop there. Add some everything bagel seasoning to the top, or mix it in the crust if you’re making it from scratch.

Make an Olive Oil Dressing: If you’re making your own salad dressing and are low on ingredients, you can make a quick and easy dressing with everything bagel seasoning and some extra virgin olive oil! Taste the dressing as you’re making it to get the proportions are just right.

Add to Pancakes: Everything bagel seasoning on a pancake can taste similar to a bagel, but pancakes are easier to make on your own, and less time consuming. We’re digging this one on the weekends.

Toss in Trail Mix: Trail Mix is a great snack, but everything bagel seasoning is a nice way to make it more exciting. An extra savory boost to your mix!

Bloody Mary: Everyone loves a good Bloody Mary. Instead of putting salt on the rim of your glass, try everything bagel seasoning. It’s a great way to add some flavor to your drink.

Sprinkle on Salad: Our PICS Everything Bagel spice blend is an excellent enhancer to your favorite salad. Sprinkle it on top and reap the flavorful benefits.

Avocado Toast: Avocado toast is already a hit. Imagine elevating that flavor even more with some everything bagel seasoning. Yum!

Season Your Fries: Rather than reaching for the salt, try something new on your fries. Our seasoning is a game changer here!

Use it on Popcorn: Put your popcorn in a paper bag and add it in our seasoning. Shake it up and serve while it’s still hot!

These are just a handful of the endless amount of ways to get creative with Everything Bagel Seasoning. Stop in to your local store and pick up some of our NEW PICS Everything Bagel spice blend and start experimenting!