Downy Defy New Items


Tired of your clothes stretching, fading and fuzzing? 

Clothes are exposed to a lot of damage in the washing machine. Instead of avoiding laundry or having anxiety every time you wash, give your clothes the protection they can’t live without.

Downy DEFY Damage Total-Wash Conditioning Beads protect your fabrics: from the first wash, you’ll notice the damage protection as an elevated feel of your fabrics. With consistent use, you’ll see that Downy DEFY protects the shape, color, and appearance of your favorite garments. Not to mention that even in-wear, your clothes will become more resilient and comfortable! Delight in how soft your favorite clothes feel and how good they smell with the airy and awesome scent of Fresh.

Compatible with all washers, including HE washing machines: just toss a scoop of laundry beads from the convenient tub into your washer. The best part? Downy DEFY works with your favorite detergents and can be paired with scent beads and fabric softener for an extra boost. 

Are you ready to protect your fabrics against stretching, fading and fuzzing?  Keep your clothes looking newer longer.  Visit the laundry aisle to add the protection of Downy DEFY to every wash.