Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 29, 2018

Pup-Peroni Slow Roasted Jerky Bites Dog Treats from the Smucker’s Pet Company

Pup-Peroni is the #1 Brand of Soft & Chewy Dog Treats.   These new Pup-Peroni Jerky Bites combine the best of Soft & Chewy with the best of Natural Meats.  Pup-Peroni understands the special bond you and your dog share. So you can give them these Indulgent Jerky Bites and show your dog how much you care.Pupperoni slow roasted treats Unbeatable Meaty Taste and Indulgent Texture Real Meat #1 Ingredient & Grain Free No Meat BY-Products, Fillers or Artificial Flavors Made in the USA Convenient Easy To Open Bag Look for all varieties of Pup-Peroni Jerky Bites in the Pet Food Aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 18, 2018


For over 100 years, Milk Bone has been the most trusted Brand in Pet Food from the Smucker’s Pet Company. Your dog with love this new satisfying light and crunchy dog treat.  A “responsible” low calorie treat packed with fun and flavor.  New Milk Bone Puffs deliver a satisfying crunch with indulgent flavors Dogs love and Consumers feel good about giving. Available in Bacon/Peanut Butter or Chicken/Cheddar Flavors.  Milk Bone Puffs are available in two sizes, Medium & Mimi, for both Large & Small Dogs.milk bone puffs Look for all variety of Milk Bone Buffs in the Pet Food aisle.   Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 2, 2017


               Real meat is the #1 ingredient. Milos Kitchen dog treats No artificial flavors or colors – made in the USA. Look for Milo’s Kitchen Natural Meat Dog Treats in the Pet aisle.