Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


purinalight&healthyd     It’s light and healthy, but nobody said it has to taste that way!  Crunchy and tender textures with real chicken help make it delicious.  Purina Light & Healthy has 22% fewer calories than Purina Dog Chow Complete & Balanced which makes it a calorie-light way to help your adult dog maintain a healthy weight. Visit dogchow.com/lightandhealthy for more information.  Look for Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy in the Pet aisle!

SONOMA JACK CHEESE sonomajackpeppercheese

     Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of Sonoma County, Celso Viviani and Tom Vella founded Sonoma Creamery in 1931.  In the middle of the Great Depression, they believed in a simple concept – use the best milk and produce quality cheese. With that in mind, Sonoma Creamery and Sonoma Jack were born.  At the core of Sonoma Creamery’s success is a commitment to using the best all natural ingredients – rBST free (no artificial hormones) milk to produce superior cheese.  These specialty ingredients are used to craft their flagship Sonoma Jack brand of award winning flavored Jack cheese. From the introduction of Hot Pepper Jack cheese in 1981 to the unexplored boldness and spice of their Habanero Jack and Pesto Jack to the unique creaminess of their Sonoma Blue, the Sonoma Creamery continues to lead the way with its Quality, Heritage and Innovation. Look for Sonoma Jack Cheese in the Cheese case in the Deli Department!