Exploring Latin and Asian Cuisine

Two of the more popular international cuisines are Latin and Asian! Both offer an exciting variety of flavors and dishes. We love these cuisines not only for their wonderful tastes but for the inspiration and rich tradition they bring to our tables. We’ve highlighted some recipes that we love – and if you’re interested in exploring these cuisines further we’ve included our full collection of recipes for each!


Chorizo & Egg Chilaquiles: Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish, where corn tortillas are lightly fried and simmered in a brothy sauce. In this version, chorizo and egg work together to create a delicious morning meal.

Empanadas: Empanadas are discs of pastry packed with meat. This recipe features a delicious tomato, onion, and garlic and beef mixture.

Grilled Chicken Mole: Mole is a traditional sauce and marinade used in Mexican cuisine. It’s full of flavor and elevates every dish its featured in, much like this Grilled Chicken recipe.

Instant Pot® Mexican Pork Pozole Rojo: This Mexican Pork Pozole Rojo is a delicious winter comfort food. Full of flavor and warmth to help you through the rest of winter.

Chocolate Pepita Bark: Pepita is a pumpkin seed, which is a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. In this dish, the chocolate, pepitas, and added chili powder make for a delicious dessert or late night snack.

Check out our full collection of Latin recipes: http://bit.ly/3EtSszt


Chicken Banh Mi Bowl: In Vietnamese cuisine, banh mi is a baguette with a thin and crisp texture, typically served as a sandwich with meats, vegetables, herbs & spices. In this recipe, we take these common ingredients and feature them in the increasingly popular bowl form.

Instant Pot® Korean Country Ribs: These Korean Country Ribs are coated and cooked in a mouth-watering broth mixture for a tasty twist. Use the Instant Pot® to make things easy!

Orange-Soy Baked Salmon: If you’re looking for a refreshing meal that hits the spot every time, this Orange-Soy Baked Salmon is the way to go. Your tastebuds will jump for your joy after enjoying this dish.

Thai Red Curry Shrimp & Green Beans: Thai Red Curry is perfect to warm you up in the cold winter. Shrimp and green beans are a natural complement to an already palette-pleasing taste.

Grilled Orange-Teriyaki Steaks with Grilled Scallions & Bell Peppers: Try out this recipe for a flavorful twist on steak. If you’re already a big fan of steak, this recipe is a perfect addition to your repertoire.

Check out our full collection of Asian recipes:  http://bit.ly/3SpMRA8


New Year, New Recipes

We’re on a mission to keep expanding our library of recipes and our at-home menus. The new year is a wonderful time to add some new options to our repertoire. Whether it’s foods we haven’t tried before or new variations of old favorites, new dishes keep life fresh and exciting! We’ve put together a list of recipes for you to try in 2023. Check it out and enjoy!

Chicken Banh Mi Bowl: In Vietnamese cuisine, Banh Mi is a short baguette with thin, crisp and soft crust. Typically served as a sandwich, where chicken is a popular variety. This recipe turns that popular sandwich into a bowl, with all the common features of a delicious Banh Mi.

Chicken & Roasted Beet Harvest Salad: If you’re looking for a fresh, new salad recipe this Chicken and Roasted Beet Harvest Salad is the answer. Roasted beet adds a delicious flavor to the dish and compliments chicken beautifully.

Slow Cooker Farro & Garbanzo Mujadara: Mujadara is a staple dish in Arabic culture. Consisting of lentils cooked together with sauteed onions and grains, in this case farro. Try it for a tasty twist to your normal routine.

Moroccan Turkey Meatballs with Barley & Lentils: Experience meatballs like never before, featuring Moroccan flavors that will make your mouth water. Meatballs offer a variety of options when it comes to flavoring and this may be one you have yet to try.

Chili Lime Portobello Fajitas: These Chili Lime Portobello Mushroom Fajitas make for an epic taste adventure. Plus, they’re a lovely alternative if you’re looking to fill your fajitas with something other than chicken or steak.

Baked Zucchini Fries: Need a good appetizer to add to your skillset? Try these Baked Zucchini Fries. They’re so good and they add a unique variation into the fried foods game.

Garlic Shrimp Over Parmesan Grits with Bacon & Pepitas: Elevate your shrimp & grits with this superstar recipe! Parmesan, bacon, and pepitas blend beautifully and take this already delicious dish to a whole new level.

Grilled Swordfish Kabobs with Peanut Chili Sambal: Need some new seafood recipes? We’ve got you covered. Try these Swordfish Kabobs with Peanut Chili Sambal. Yum!

Indian-Spiced Cauliflower with Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes: Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that often doesn’t get taken to its full potential. Try this Indian-Spiced Cauliflower for an example of the wonder’s cauliflower can do for your taste buds.

Pepper-Crusted Steak with Red Wine-Shallot Sauce: Last but not least, give this Pepper-Crusted Steak a try! Complimented with a delicious Red Wine-Shallot Sauce this one is sure to please for a lovely evening at home.