Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Eliminate the wait and enjoy the same freshness and flavor found in Dietz & Watson’s handcrafted meats served over the deli counter with Dietz & Watson’s pre-sliced “Grab ‘n Go” offerings! The easy-opening packaging is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle or hike by the lake.  Prepared from the same family recipes using all-natural spices, there are never any fillers, extenders, artificial flavors or MSG. And did we mention they are approved by the Celiac Sprue Association as 100% Gluten Free? Dietz & Watson’s meats are crafted to perfection using the highest quality lean beef, ham, pork, turkey breast and chicken breast.  Freshness is always guaranteed because at Dietz & Watson, they believe in “what you feed your family is as important as family itself”. Be sure to pick up your favorite Dietz & Watson pre-sliced deli meats located in the refrigerated prepared foods section across from the Deli Department today!


We are excited to introduce new Mezzaluna Cookies! These cookies are made in the century old traditional crescent style with origins from Hungary.  A handmade cookie with rich cream cheese dough and fillings made from walnuts and cinnamon.  The cookies are then rolled in sugar for additional sweetness and taste. Mezzaluna Cookies are delicate, rich and a beautiful addition to any holiday cookie platter.  One bite and you’ll be glad you tried these amazing cookies.  Being of Hungarian descent, they have always been a favorite at holiday gatherings.  These cookies are unique and will be a great addition to your cookie variety. Look for Mezzaluna Cookies in the Bakery Department.