We Love NYS Apples!

NYS Apples are in store! One of our favorite home.grown crops, New York Apples are a quick snack, or a culinary chameleon – so versatile and easy to enjoy! Making your way through a tote of New York apples is a smart way to add flavor, fiber, crunch and nutrition benefits to every meal and snack. Check them out for $0.99 lb. on the cover of our ad this week!

New York apple agriculture is very important – New York is second in the USA for apple production. The farm families that grow apples are multi-generational stewards that carefully nurture the land and trees, to ensure you get delicious, nutritious fruit for your family meals. This hard work and dedication results in tons of awesome New York apple flavors, check out some of our favorites.

Empire: First introduced at the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY in 1966, empires are the perfect mix of sweet and tart flavors.

Red Delicious: Discovered on accident by an Iowa Farmer, Red Delicious apples are mildly sweet and crisp. The Iowa farmer brought them to a fruit show in Missouri, where they were named Red Delicious.

Golden Delicious: Golden Delicious apples originated on Mullins’ Family Farm in West Creek, Virginia by a chance of seeding. Mellow, sweet and juicy, these apples are excellent for cooking and baking.

Fuji: Developed at Tohuku Research Station in Morioka, Japan, Fujis are super sweet, juicy, and crisp. They are excellent for cooking.

Mcintosh: Discovered by John McIntosh on his Canadian Farm. He transplanted the seedings and as they matured began to produce delicious apples. Now, Mcintosh’s are the most cultivated apple in the US. Sweet-tart, tender, and crunchy, they are perfect for baking and cooking.

Honeycrisp: Developed in Excelsior, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota’s apple development program. Honeycrisps are also great for baking!

Jonamac: Developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY and introduced to the public on September 21, 1972. Jonamacs are crisp and fragrant, sweet and spicy.

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