Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs April 1, 2018 Fiber One is known for creating High Fiber, Low Sugar products that fit your lifestyle and satisfy your tastes.  Now Fiber One brings a new sweet indulgence to your basket. Introducing Fiber One Brownie Bites and Crunchy Cookie Bites.  Fiber One Bites are perfectly portioned, pop-able Bites that will cure any sweet craving.fiberone Each package of Fiber One Bites has 5 grams of fiber with less than 10 grams of sugar and only 130 calories.  Fiber One Bites give you a way to abundantly fill your sweet craving without the guilt. Fiber One Brownie Bites come in Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Caramel and are perfect for enjoying on-the-move or while multi-tasking.  Fiber One Crunchy Cookie Bites come in Double Chocolate and Lemon and bring a crunch to your sweet craving. Look for Fiber One Brownie Bites and Crunchy Cookie Bites in the Granola Bar aisle. Our Favorite Christmas Cookies! homemade-christmas-cookies-picture-id598555502 One of the sweetest parts of celebrating the holiday season is baking cookies with family and friends. At Price Chopper and Market 32, we love these treats as much as you do and have many different favorites of our own. Whether they’re family traditions or simply the most satisfying to our sweet tooth, we are pleased to share some our holiday favorites with you! Our teammates are big fans of peanut butter, especially when it comes to Christmas
Alison and Celina

Teammates Celina R. and Alison P.  from our Storrs, CT store!

cookies. In the words of teammate Kelly K., from our Sutton, MA store; “My favorite holiday cookie is peanut butter blossoms.” Her response was backed by teammate Celina R. from our Storrs, CT who said “my favorite holiday cookies are peanut butter cookies, because who doesn’t love peanut butter?” Peanut Butter Blossoms are a holiday classic and easily one of our favorite Christmas cookies, check out the recipe in the link below to try them for yourself! https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/classic-peanut-butter-blossom-cookies/a3563f6e-96b0-443f-ae0a-53cef4be6db6 We asked June M., Floral Team Leader in our Chenango, NY store about her favorite Christmas cookie, she said, “Poppy Seed Kolache. My mother made them for years. Brings me back. It was always a tradition and they are so good!” Poppy Seed Kolache is a Czechoslovakian pastry with a poppy seed filling. If you’ve never tried Kolache it is a delicious treat perfect for the holiday season! Give this recipe a try by following the link below! http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/poppy_seed_kolache/ In our main office, Sarah M. of our Business Intelligence team added “Although it is not technically a Christmas cookie, Baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert that is somewhat labor intensive to bake, so my family tends to only make it during the holidays. Baklava is very sweet, has lots of sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts – and it reminds me of my grandmother!” Check out the recipe below! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/michael-symon/baklava-recipe-1972768 Teammate Mike M. in our Palatine Bridge, NY store: “Chocolate jumbos with green and red icing. They are delicious, smell good while baking, and taste like the holidays!” Chocolate jumbos make a fantastic addition to any Christmas baking lists. They are truly a perfect sweet for the season! http://allrecipes.com/recipe/10399/chocolate-jumbo/ Finally, teammate Allison P. at our Storrs, CT store gave perhaps the most festive response; “Sugar cookies that look like candy canes. They’re fun to eat!” From their look to their taste these Candy Cane Cookies are a staple of the Christmas season. How could you not enjoy baking such a fun cookie? https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/candy-cane-cookies/93832e29-3b4f-4977-ae5a-9820053b254c Baking Christmas cookies is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season. We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do, and maybe find a new Christmas favorite to share with family and friends! From all of us at Price Chopper and Market 32, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!   Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


Eliminate the wait and enjoy the same freshness and flavor found in Dietz & Watson’s handcrafted meats served over the deli counter with Dietz & Watson’s pre-sliced “Grab ‘n Go” offerings! The easy-opening packaging is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle or hike by the lake.  Prepared from the same family recipes using all-natural spices, there are never any fillers, extenders, artificial flavors or MSG. And did we mention they are approved by the Celiac Sprue Association as 100% Gluten Free? Dietz & Watson’s meats are crafted to perfection using the highest quality lean beef, ham, pork, turkey breast and chicken breast.  Freshness is always guaranteed because at Dietz & Watson, they believe in “what you feed your family is as important as family itself”. Be sure to pick up your favorite Dietz & Watson pre-sliced deli meats located in the refrigerated prepared foods section across from the Deli Department today!


We are excited to introduce new Mezzaluna Cookies! These cookies are made in the century old traditional crescent style with origins from Hungary.  A handmade cookie with rich cream cheese dough and fillings made from walnuts and cinnamon.  The cookies are then rolled in sugar for additional sweetness and taste. Mezzaluna Cookies are delicate, rich and a beautiful addition to any holiday cookie platter.  One bite and you’ll be glad you tried these amazing cookies.  Being of Hungarian descent, they have always been a favorite at holiday gatherings.  These cookies are unique and will be a great addition to your cookie variety. Look for Mezzaluna Cookies in the Bakery Department. Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


cookies-soft-baked-cookies-chocolate-chunkYou know Fiber One is a delicious part of a well balanced diet and now General Mills brings you a new Sweet Treat option. Introducing Fiber One Soft Baked Cookies – a delightfully soft and chewy cookie that you can feel good about.  Fiber One Soft Baked Cookies are a delicious anytime snack option that helps you maintain your healthy lifestyle. With 5 grams of fiber per serving, Fiber One Soft Baked Cookies provide 20% of your daily value of fiber. Individually packed for convenience and a great source of fiber, Fiber One Soft Baked Cookies come in delicious varieties including Chocolate Chunk, a classic favorite baked with delicious chunks of chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, baked with rolled oats and plump juicy raisins and Double Chocolate, with rich cocoa combined with decadent chocolate chips. Look for General Mills Fiber One Ready to Eat Cookies in the Cookie aisle.


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