Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 27, 2017


Looking for a more satisfying and quick filling meal option?  Hormel Compleats XL provides a hearty meal with real food that will leave you completely satisfied in just 90 seconds.0f68a6bd-a7f2-4613-9f82-8dfe600e1988_1.cd7ef2e43e46e3e5895a1585609fb70d.jpg These items come in a 13 oz. tray and do not need refrigeration – making them the perfect solution for you when you are hungry.  Be sure to check out all the flavor varieties as there is an option for everyone in the family.  Don’t just survive, be completely satisfied with Hormel Compleats XL! Look for Hormel Compleats XL on the grocery shelf in the Microwave Meals aisle at your local Price Chopper/Market32 store.