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Cherishing Cherries!

In our opinion, one of the more underrated fruits out there is the cherry. They are sweet, snackable, and perfect for the summer. They are great alone or an important ingredient in endless tasty recipes. That’s why this summer we plan on cherishing this awesome stone fruit.

To start, there are two different types of cherries: tart and sweet. Tart cherries are good for cooking and baking, while sweet cherries are the type you buy to eat as a snack. When purchasing these sweet snacks, look for the firm and plump ones that appear bright and glossy. Sweet cherries are mainly grown in California, Washington, and Oregon, while tart cherries can commonly be found in Michigan and Wisconsin. Some popular types of sweet cherries are Bing, Lambert, and Rainier. The most common type of tart cherry is the Montgomery, best when used in baking as they hold their shape better than their more snackable relatives.  

At Price Chopper & Market 32, we love using cherries in our recipes. And not just the classic cherry pie. Check out some of these delectable recipes, perfect for the summer!


Sweet Summertime Cherries

At Price Chopper & Market 32 we recognize cherries as one of our favorite summertime fruits! Perfect for both sweet and savory dishes, they are a wonderful complement to many summer meals. Add them to your plate of chicken or pork off the grill for a refreshing splash of flavor. They are also excellent tossed in salads or enjoyed as a light snack to keep you satisfied all day long.

Check out some of our go-to summertime cherry recipes!

Fresh Cherry Salsa: Cherries make a tasty addition to salsa. Two summertime hits collide for one ultimate splash. The sweetness of cherries compliments the heat of jalapenos for an awesome salsa.

Cherry Fennel Mostarda: This Mostarda is a tangy and sweet Italian-style fruit mustard featuring cherries and fennel. A great way to elevate any burger off the grill, this condiment is a creative way to implement more cherries into your summertime diet.

Cherry, Bacon, & Blue Cheese Salad: This awesome summertime salad is a wonderful balance of flavor. Refreshing and light for hot summer days!

Bourbon Cherry Smash: Cherries aren’t just excellent in food, they are also popular in drinks, especially during the summertime. If you’re looking for a new cocktail recipe, this Bourbon Cherry Smash is an excellent way to relax.

Chilled Cherry Dessert: Dessert in a glass! This Chilled Cherry Dessert recipe will have you feeling cool as a cherry.

Broiled Flank Steak with Cherry Barbeque Sauce: Give your barbeque sauce a twist of cherry! Use it to elevate your steak and your summers may never be the same again.

Everyone loves to snack on a nice of bowl of cherries. But there are a ton of creative ways to implement more cherries into your diet, especially when the weather is warm.  No matter how you choose to enjoy cherries, we’ve got you covered at Price Chopper & Market 32!

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