Chocolate & Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are craving some soothing chocolates and chocolate desserts. It’s the perfect time of year to break out your favorite recipes or try new ones to add to your menu. In fact, we decided to break out some of our most coveted for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake: You know what’s better than chocolate cheesecake? Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake!

Irish Spiked Brownies: These Irish Spiked Brownies are an extra sweet treat. Featuring Guinness Draught Stout and Irish cream liqueur, the Irish elements blend beautifully into these brownies.

Mocha-Almond Meringue Cake: This Mocha-Almond Meringue Cake will knock your chocolate cravings out the park. Your taste buds will thank you for the ultimate satisfaction.

No-Bake Salted Caramel-Toffee Crunch Cheesecake: Our No-Bake Salted Caramel-Toffee Crunch Cheesecake will soothe your hunger away. Caramel, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate toffee come together for one heavenly dessert.

Magic Brownie Bars: Combine coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and chopped walnuts to bring the magic to these Brownie Bars.

Pretzel Turtle Bars: If you ask us, it doesn’t get much better than pretzels and chocolate. These Pretzel Turtle Bars use that combination to perfection.

Vanilla-Raspberry Ice Cream Tart with Brownie Crust & Mocha Drizzle: This Vanilla-Raspberry Ice Cream Tart is the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. Delicious ice cream, brownie, and smooth mocha drizzle. What more could you ask for?

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